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This section is for tracking the delivery of all the communication messages. View the reports of all the email and SMS sent to the customers. By using filters, you can search any message through its date, template name and also check its status.

How to access on Fynd Platform

Main Screen#


Figure 1: Reports - Main Screen


Figure 2: Reports - Main Screen Intro

In this document, you will learn more about:

Search Report#

You can search a report by any of the following:

  • Email ID - Search a report by entering the email ID to which an event response (message) was sent. Check Events and Responses to know more.
  • Phone Number - Search a report by entering the phone number to which an event response (message) was sent.
  • Type - Currently, the only available type is event.
  • Step - The current stage of the SMS or email or router. It covers all the steps between the source destination. For e.g., MSG_SENT, MSG_DELIVERED, etc.
  • Template - Search a report by entering the event for which the response was triggered. For e.g., placed-event, refund_initiated-event, etc. For a list of events, visit Events and Responses.
  • Identifier - This identifier is technically useful to query the database that handles the SMS and email communication.

View Report#

The reports can be viewed in a JSON format.


Figure 3: Email Log


Figure 4: SMS Log