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How to install Java FDK Client

  1. Add the dependency in your app pom.xml 'com.github.gofynd:fynd-client-java:1.0-SNAPSHOT' in your app pom.xml
  2. Add it in your root pom.xml at the end of repositories:
  3. Start integrating

Sample Usage - ApplicationClient

    ApplicationConfig applicationConfig = null;
try {
applicationConfig = new ApplicationConfig(
if(Objects.nonNull(applicationConfig)) {
ApplicationClient applicationClient = new ApplicationClient(applicationConfig);
return applicationClient.catalog.getProductDetailBySlug("product-slug");
} catch (Exception e) {

Sample Usage - PlatformClient

    PlatformConfig platformConfig = null;
try {
platformConfig = new PlatformConfig(
if(Objects.nonNull(platformConfig)) {
PlatformClient platformClient = new PlatformClient(platformConfig);
return platformClient.catalog.getCompanyDetail("COMPANY_ID");
} catch (Exception e) {