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fdk link component is used to wrap the anchor tag and also do the respective internal navigation in web and mobile view.


linkstringthis is the URL which is to be navigated it can be internal or external
actionObjectthis is the object which needs to be converted into URL for respective external or internal navigation, this object contain information for page which need to be redirected to if internal navigation and link if external navigation
targetstringsimilar to the target in href, handles the tab for external navigation
disabledbooleanthis boolean flag disable fdk-link action component function.


For internal navigation
<fdk-link :link="link" :title="title">
//code to be handled for navigation
<fdk-link :action="actionObject">
//code to be handled for navigation
For external navigation
<fdk-link :link="link" :target="_blank">
//code to be handled for navigation