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Introduction to FDK CLI

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FDK CLI helps in building themes and extensions for the Fynd Platform. It helps you with the development & publishing of themes.


There are a few prerequisites before we can start working on our theme.

  • Node.js: In order to install FDK CLI you will need to have Node.js (we recommend the latest stable version- but the maintenance and active LTS releases will also work) installed on your computer. Download the recommended version of Node.js.
  • Git: Additionally, you'll need Git to create new themes. You can download Git from here.
  • Basic knowledge of VueJS.
  • Add entry to /etc/hosts
    • Execute the command sudo nano /etc/hosts
    • Add the following lines to the end of the file

Contributing to FDK CLI

FDK CLI is open source. Learn how to contribute to our GitHub repository.

More help

  • Open a GitHub issue - To report bugs or request new features, open an issue in the FDK CLI repository.