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How To Sell on eBay Without GST- (Step By Step Method)

How To Sell on eBay Without GST- (Step By Step Method)

The entire world is like a mesh of balls constituting a network of threads connected where humans are only part of it, controlling the grid. The creation of the internet is itself a revolution that ascended the rise of the human colonial generation leading it to crucial advancements.

For now, when everything is up on virtual media, barring formulation of business development and reaching it to millions of people is not an alternative. On the contrary, it's a boon for crores of enterprises like eBay and those who seek the idea of devising business from home, sitting on the couch.

You can build your online store or become a prominent seller through eBay. They allow free registration and enhanced policies that give you a healthy ambiance to grow and compete. In the next few minutes, you will know how to sell on eBay without GST through this sum-up blog. 

About eBay

About eBay

An American multinational e-commerce company in San Jose, California, is running successfully in 32 countries, giving its users consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. Pierre Omidyar founded it in 1995, which later bombarded the market with massive success. In addition, it's a platform for online auctions and shopping. 

One of the distinctive attributes of eBay is that each item listed on it is way more worthy than present on any other site. Hence, it gives you the power to sell discontinued items, vintage assortments, unusual goods, or anything which lacks in certain areas. 

You can trade them on a high pay scale and earn a windfall. Due to its retro touch, whether you have used this website or not, you may have heard its name somewhere in newspapers or magazines. This additional trait augments another distinctive feature. 

Over a considerable period, it acquired a great mass of people who are its consumers. So, listing anything on it reaches millions of users across the globe, increasing its engagement. 

Online Auctions follow prodigious phenomena, unlike traditional ones. Auction Web Sellers post their items on the web with elaborated descriptions, and later buyers browse the site and submit bids via email. Bidders receive an email when a high bid is up, so they can counter with a higher offer. This lasts 3-4 days until the winning bidder manages to come on the roof.

It is an omnipotent website availing you of every commodity at a single touch. Advanced search tools, the notification system, user-friendly, and the ability to maintain healthy transactions are its significant trait. Hence, traders find it an excellent stage to showcase their merchandise and marketing prowess. Moreover, it endows users with free registration. 

What will cost you is a listing fee to set them up on your online store. Apart from this, its highly stringent policies allow sellers to hold the fair competition and follow legal ways to mark their business among reputed ones. The burgeoning sales and lump sum money are what you are fascinated by. Then this blog will be a boon for you, delivering all the extensive details.

Why Should You Choose eBay?

Why Should You Choose eBay

There are some redeeming features of eBay which attract both buyers and traders in bulk. Where other companies advise you to form marketing strategies to hike your reach. eBay is a brimming platform providing you a tremendous fan base and buyers so that you don't need to worry about engaging your consumers or spending piles of cash to advertise your product to accumulate buyers. eBay spends considerable money driving buyers to its website, so sellers can benefit from it. 

On eBay, you can experience a quick breakout in sales. Hence, you need to prove trustworthy and build a good reputation on such a website because positive feedback will establish faith in buyers' minds. Good appraisals on eBay generate more sales due to its loyalty and services to buyers.

How To Register As A Seller On eBay 

How To Register As A Seller On eBay 

Sellers can initially start selling on eBay worldwide without registering but eventually have to. So, it is recommended that registration must be done at the initial stage only. eBay is an accessible online platform visited by millions of viewers regularly, boosting your sales and revenue can be burgeoned. Let's go through the registration process.

1. Visit eBay website

You'll see the 'My eBay' option in the top left corner of the eBay website. You've to tap on it and select the selling option among all the pop-up choices. The selling option will take you to the account login/creation page.

2. Creation of account

You can log in using the same if you already have an eBay account. Alternatively, you can create an account using your phone number, Gmail account, Apple account, and Facebook account.

3. Choose account type

At first, you'll be asked to choose from personal and business accounts. Both accounts are dissimilar. Let's acknowledge the two. A personal statement can opt in in case you're not a registered seller. But if registered as a sole proprietor or business organization, you must go for a business account. These accounts also differ in listing items and fee structure.

  • Signup Particulars

Signup particulars for personal and business accounts differ in some aspects.

  • For personal account
  • Full name
  • Address 
  • Date of birth 
  • For business account 
  • Full name 
  • Address 
  • Date of birth
  • Business name 
  • Business registered address
  • Registration number 
  • Taxation system 

You should revert to the main page after filling out the necessary information and submitting it. Again, go for the selling option on my eBay option. Your account overview will pop up.

1. List an item 

You must list an item for selling and fill out the selling form. After submitting, you'll be redirected to the account verification page. If you're having second thoughts about listing more items, there is no need to worry. You can add more things after the verification of your account.

2. Verification of Account & Payment Management

Verification is done to know the authenticity of the seller. Personal details like emails, phone numbers, and addresses are substantiated. Business details like the registration number and business address are corroborated. 

You must provide your preferred payment method and debit/credit card details for your personal and business details and payment verification. A card is used when in the case of a payment fails. Collaboration is done for payouts.

3. Payouts

Generally, payout means a monetary transaction in return for goods and services. Here on eBay, it represents that eBay disperses the amount in your account. For this, you have to link your bank account.

This is the most appropriate method to receive payouts because other options vary across the regions. Things to be kept in mind while relating your banking account to your seller account:

  • Name on the account
  • Bank name
  • Account number
  • IFSC code

eBay will email you after verifying your banking credentials. Then, After two days of confirming a customer's order, eBay rolls out the payout. Before dwelling on an effective procedure, one must oblige to know what GST is and what eBay charges a percent of it on its commodities. Then, later in some circumstances, you will learn about the main content around which the blog revolves.  

Goods And Services Tax

Goods And Services Tax

GST is an indirect tax implemented on JULY 1, 2017, with the effect of one hundred and the first amendment of the constitution of India. This is a destination-based tax meaning its impact and burden fall on different persons.

It subsumed almost all the preceding taxes like Central excise duty, Central sales tax, Service tax, Additional duties of customs, Additional duties of excise, and Excise duty levied under the textiles and textile products. 

Some left-out taxes consist of state taxes. It follows the principle of 'One nation, one tax.' GST is segregated in five diverse tax slabs for collection of tax: 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. However, some products left out from these slabs are petroleum, alcoholic drinks, and electricity. 

Some special tax rates of 0.25% and 3% are implemented on rough and semi-precious stones and gold, respectively. In its initial stage, GST received heavy criticism from sole proprietors and business organizations. But now, it is widely accepted by both consumers and sellers.

eBay permits the seller to sell various products under categories such as Business and Industrial Clothing, Shoes and accessories, Collectibles, Consumer Electronics Crafts, Dolls and Bears, Home and Garden Motors, Pet Supplies, Sporting Goods, Toy, Antiques, Computers/Tablets & Networking. 

These products attract different GST tax rates of 12%, 1.25%, and 18%. Some are exceptions also, such as books. You don't need a GST registration if you sell GST-exempted categories products on eBay. However, sellers need to pay Income tax also along with GST.  

How To Sell On eBay Without GST

How To Sell On eBay Without GST

GST is required to sell online; in that case, you must submit your GST number to eBay at the time of registration. However, this may not be necessary if you sell only GST-exempted categories. A gentle reminder that any taxable item you sell will demand GST as per sales tax law. Here are some states of affairs which you need to know. 

A business whose income or turnover is less than 20 lacs isn't liable to register for GST in particular class states. In contrast, generally, in normal conditions, this limit has exceeded forty lakhs in terms of the annual turnover of your firm. Hence, this is just an alternative, but it limits your trade to a certain extent. 

  • Class provinces include Uttarakhand, Telangana, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Tripura, Puducherry, and Meghalaya.  Some products are exempted from GST and can be sold on eBay without attracting taxes. So, if you wish to sell without GST, then operate your business around these categories- 
  • Food (cereals, edible fruits and vegetables, unprocessed tea leaves and coffee beans, bread, non-branded flour, puffed rice, poultry and cattle feed, seeds, turmeric, dairy products, etc.)
  • Raw materials (raw form of silk, jute, wool and handloom fabrics, khadi fabric, silk waste, firewood, charcoal, etc. )
  • Tools/ instruments( hearing aids, hand tools like spades and shovels, means of agriculture, handmade musical instruments, aids for physically challenged people, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous (books, maps, drawing books for children, educational services, live animals except for horses, beehives, bangles, chalk sticks, contraceptives, earthen pots, items used in Pooja like idols, Bindi and Kumkum, kites, Indian National Flag, Gandhi topi, organic manure, human hair and blood, vaccines, etc.)

Documents Required For The Registration Without GST

Documents Required For The Registration Without GST

1. The phone number for business

A phone number is a best and most immediate way to establish a connection between the trader and the website for better communication during operating hours. Therefore, in making the provider account, eBay will verify your mobile number through OTP, which it will send to your phone. You will also receive an Associate in Introduction decision in addition.

2. Separate Email addresses for business

It would be preferable if you have a separate email account for your firm because it will eventually help you not to hybridize your personal life with a professional one. In addition, using that email everywhere your enterprise is associated with will lead to fewer hassles and confusion. Also, you are not going to need a custom domain email address.

3. Bank Account

To receive your payouts directly into your bank account, ask for accurate details and verification, so you don't suffer from any dealer. Then, you can catch your provider account with it. The checking version must not need to be accounted for. A savings account will work too. 

Once your business starts booming quickly, the number of credit and debit will also increase concurrently. Hence, you may require to have an Accountant to analyse every transaction. But if you do not need them, begin with the saving one. 

How To Start Listing Your Products

How To Start Listing Your Products

Out of all collateral content, one of the essential things to learn is how to list your products since it is a chief segment of the whole course of action. Listing is like catering your luscious dish in front of your customer to allure them. Hence, it's a showstopper task that demands your time and attention. Here are some quick bits to remember while efficiently showcasing your commodities.

  • Click on the Create listing button present in the Listings tab of Seller Hub of My eBay. After clicking, you will be redirected to the Sell Your Item form.

  • Tell the website what you are trading off by typing the name of your product in the search field. Then, on clicking the Search button, eBay will present you with a relevant good to select. If any of them suits your choice, click on Select, and the system will automatically fill in the details of it.

It is highly advised to use digital identifiers because they conserve your time and assist you in finding the perfect match in the eBay catalogue. In addition, you can browse for more goods by clicking on Browse categories below the text field, and there you can opt for significant and specific sub-categories.

  • After clicking the Select button, you will be redirected to the listing form, where you can enter the listing details. To attract massive buyers, you need to emphasize everything. Upload high-quality images and videos that flaunt your item sophisticatedly and demonstrate its edgy features. You can drag and drop high-pixeled pictures to the browser by importing them from your mobile device or online storage.

Provide informative and well-elaborated details with a catchy title of up to 80 characters. For example, specify the category of your item and mention the brand name. The more you provide profound insights into your accessories, the more you captivate your buyers.

  • Next, move to the Pricing section. You can select the listing format and specify the cost of your beloved goods and their available quantity. By default, it has a fixed price format, but you can customize it by clicking on Edit all options. For more grasp, you can check data on similar listings sold in the last 90 days, including their average price and percentage of items with free shipping.

  • Now set up delivery details which are a necessary part of it. For example, in the Delivery section, you need to mention your terms and conditions regarding shipping and provide complete information on the regions to which you ship your item.

  • To reach out to more buyers, transform your listings with the help of Promoted Listings Standard. You can also use Advanced and Promoted Listings Express, which will cost extra fees.

Besides that, the Bold title attribute helps your listing to give a unique identity in the search results. Give your buyers Volume Pricing, a discount to let them buy more. Apart from this, the Gallery Plus option allows you to display a large picture in search results which will eventually charm your customers and gain more attention.

  • Now head to the References section, where you can specify the payment method, the return and refund policy, and the item location. Finally, click on any good to change it, or select Edit all options to adjust all settings.

Policies of eBay

Policies of eBay

There are some fixed norms and regulations which a seller must comply through. Hence, it is highly recommended to learn about eBay policies before listing your items on it as a seller.

This will prevent you from breaching any rule accidentally or intentionally, which will lead to limiting your buying and selling privileges. For more short ins, read the following guidelines for additional sailing of your vocation.

1. Selling Practices Policy

This set of rules has been specially designed for sellers to attract buyers and keep them happy. Fulfilling their expectations and ensuring smooth transactions will ace in every way. Specifying accurate details to show transparency regarding terms and conditions throughout the sale will save you a day. You should also provide them dazzling customer services from beginning to end, including-

  • They are charging rational shipping and handling costs.
  • Mention your handling time and return policy in your listing.
  • Answer your buyers' every query as soon as you can.
  • Be professional throughout the transaction.
  • Ensure the item is shipped to the buyer as described in your listing.
  • Frequently reviewing and updating listings to ensure details, including inventory status and item condition, are up-to-date.

2. Seller Protection Policy

When you deliver goods and services courteously and in a friendly way, you also anticipate the genial nature of your buyers. But somehow, in some cases, your name is spoilt by abusive buyers through false accusations. In such a scenario, eBay safeguards its traders under specific protocols. 

  • They will remove any negative feedback and defects posted by that buyer.
  • Their account can also get restricted for future purchases and trading in severe cases.
  • As an early treatment, eBay will limit its website's ability to file return requests.

3. Payment Dispute Seller Protection Policy

If a buyer files a payment dispute, the seller can take the shield behind Payment Dispute Seller Protection which defends the seller against false claims. eBay collects information about the transaction and assists the seller in building evidence. 

They won't charge a dispute fee or seek compensation from the seller if the brawl is resolved in favour of the buyer. A seller is eligible to acquire payment dispute seller protection under such conditions-

  • The transaction must show the requirements specified in the policy.
  • The seller must react to the payment dispute and take action within the required time.
  • If you are considering challenging the payment dispute, then be ready with the needed corroborations.
  • The seller should not violate the user agreement.

4. Return Policy

This policy has been made solely for buyers favouring majorly to sellers. Consumers must return items in the same condition when they receive them. If exchanged or the returned item is used or damaged during return shipping because it wasn't packed correctly, then sellers have to provide a partial refund for the compensation in good value and worth. While the same case is there, but the fault is of the customer, the seller will benefit from this case as the buyer has to provide money to remunerate.

5. Taxation Policy 

Sellers are obliged to pay certain taxes if they're selling on eBay. Taxes include:

Personal Tax: 

Income earned by selling products on eBay is compelled with taxes. The seller must pay income tax as it is a direct tax. The total impact and burden will fall on the seller only. If a person doesn't pay income tax, they could be restricted from selling further on the platform. 

eBay Fees Tax: 

eBay collects Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Service Tax (GST), and other consumption taxes based on the seller's location. If eBay is bound by the law to collect these taxes in your region, it will add the tax on sellers' invoices or eBay fees. eBay will pay these taxes to the concerned authorities on the sellers' behalf. Therefore, you must update the seller's address on the account.

Tax on Buying and Selling Items:

 eBay provides all the necessary details to the concerned authorities about buying and selling items. If a buyer or seller does not comply with the tax policies, their account will be suspended. In the case of a seller, this will impose restrictions on listed items.

  • eBay Money-Back Policy It covers the majority of transactions where buyers can get their money back, and sellers can help them gain a good image of traders. As a seller, for transactions where eBay Money-Back Policy applies is under such roles:
  • You are responsible for shipping the item briefly mentioned in the listing, honouring your stated return policy, and granting a solution when a customer reports an issue with a shipment.
  • This policy is eligible only when the transaction has been done on the eBay website, whether internationally or nationally.

How Do The Merchants Get Paid?

How Do The Merchants Get Paid?

eBay offers a convenient payment system where buyers can choose from many payment platforms. Later, they receive their payouts directly in their checking account or Visa or Mastercard debit card. 

You can trace all of your payments in the Payments tab in Seller Hub or Payments in My eBay. After the buyer's order is confirmed, the selling fees and other costs are automatically deducted, leaving only processing funds.

You can schedule your payouts weekly, biweekly, or monthly according to your needs. You can access your available funds in the Payments tab by selecting withdraw, but you can't do this regularly.

If you request a payout to your Visa or Mastercard debit card, funds arrive in 30 minutes with an augmented 1.5% fee which can also stretch to $15. This fee is subtracted from your payout total when funds are transferred.

Some holidays, including banks and transaction departments, may delay your payouts by up to 1 day. For example, if your payout schedule is biweekly, a delay may lead to up to 10 days, or a monthly program may show a delay of 20 days.

But fortunately enough, you can track your payments easily because eBay sends emails to notify you. Additionally, each transaction has its unique Payout ID, making it easy for you to track your payouts.

You can change your payout schedule through the following steps:

  • Select Payments Tab situated in Seller Hub.
  • Click on Payout Settings.
  • Customize the frequency of your payouts from daily to weekly, biweekly, or monthly as required.

Shipping Methods For Merchants 

Shipping Methods For Mer

You can set up your shipping options, and generating multiple ways to deliver items will attract different buyers. For example, you can exclude certain regions and locations from all your listings by using the Exclude Shipping Locations page. In addition, if business policy management is obtainable, you can opt in to establish business policies on payment, shipping, and returns to apply to all your listings.

To protect against "Item not received" claims filed under eBay Money-Back Policy, you need to use a shipping carrier that collaborates with eBay. These carriers can be domestic, export, import, and domestic freight.

You can either drop off your parcel at nearby USPS locations or opt-out for free home pickup. As cargos must have a prepaid label, you can use the eBay Labels service to print from the transaction order page once you have been paid for your good.

Trading internationally is the best way to extend your business overseas. To add international shipping to your listing, select the countries you have been open for shipping and enter your international shipping service through which you will deliver and its relevant costs. Then, you only need to send your item to eBay's domestic shopping center, and they will manage the rest. 

They will add customs and tracking details so you and your customer can access it and know when the item will be delivered. If any mishap happens during delivery, don't worry because your seller image will not get affected, and you don't have to deal with eBay Money-Back Guarantee cases. All you need to do is pay for standard eBay fees, including international shipping fees under the Global Shipping Program.

How To Trade More On eBay

How To Trade More On eBay

To achieve a tremendous surge in sales, one must employ tips that will generate a good amount and a virtuous reputation. Here are some:

  • To improve the rating of your goods, start by selling inexpensive items, which will lead to a high inventory turnaround in a short period and numerous positive feedback.

  • Immediately fulfill the doubts or resolve your buyers' issues because this short action period will gain you a reputation and loyalty. 

  • High-resolution images have a great value and critical role in this stuff. How you display your product and make them highlight reveals a lot about your brand. More charming, the better engagement of the audience. Getting such images may be difficult for some. So don't worry and explore the web and accomplish as many pointers as possible.

  • Before setting the cost of your item, first, look around in the market and take a better perception of proper charging. Next, check what other sellers have on their page at what price, and then decide the cost of your goods.

  • Give your lovable customers a one-time best offer or coupons which will influence them to spend more. Sending freebies or a thank, your note will make their day. Of course, showcasing some excellent merchandise and accessories will also dazzle them, costing you a little more, but it is worth it in the end.

  • Become the Power Seller of eBay. It may sound easy, but it isn't a bed of roses. It demands positive rating status of up to 98 percent, and you should have sold more than 100 products and generated $3000 revenue. It is logging in to eBay for at least 90 days. Yes, it's arduous, but after accomplishing it, you will be prioritized more and enjoy extra privileges over others in every term. 


So that’s how to sell on eBay without GST. eBay being a fair platform, it is unbiased for both sellers and buyers. Their comprehensive policies tackle every situation of both masses.

As a trader, following instructions should be kept in your mind to avoid deadlocks. Not stretching for long, there are some spots in this beautiful website because everything is not perfect.

About Fynd

You can go for this fantastic website which showcases multiple features and equips you with every requirement you need as a seller. They have vibrant elements and themes to decorate your online store with customizable preferences. From generating coupons to tracking your shipment, it has various tools you can access.

So, watch out for it because, with numerous beneficial attributes, they are also offering a demo, so you can experience their website creation closely and know it much better. So, book your demo and enjoy the legacy of selling.


Do I have to charge GST from buyers on eBay?

No, not required because eBay is liable to pay GST to the government directly, but they will deduct the TCS under GST provisions and cut off some minimal extra fees from your every sale of goods.

How much does it cost to sell on eBay?

After selling your item, eBay generally charges 10-15% of the final value. After that, your first 250 listings each month are free, and after that, eBay charges a $0.35 insertion fee per listing.

What can't you sell on eBay?

arrow down

Firearms or anything related to assault rifles, including parts and bayonets, cannot be sold on eBay. It refrains you from selling anything that shows a Nazi-era swastika and miniature bottles of alcohol. They do not entertain any type of drugs, tobacco, and law enforcement badges. Medicines and medical devices are prohibited.

As a seller, how long does it take to receive payment on eBay?

eBay does not offer cash on delivery services. So, never ship your item until the buyer pays and you are paid on your eBay account. After that, eBay notifies the seller to ship. Then when the trader puts the tracking ID into the transaction record, the payment is released, and later seller can transfer it to a respective bank account.

Is it mandatory to have a PayPal account to sell products on eBay?

No, having a PayPal account for selling stuff on eBay is not compulsory. You can accept credit cards directly, but you must set up a commercial arrangement with your bank. For example, possibly registering to accumulate and remit sales taxes and filing as a business later allows the bank to issue you a merchant credit card account. A merchant credit card account grants you the facility of getting paid by card without an intermediary, which will cost at least as much as PayPal charges.

How to try active international selling on eBay?

To increase your access to customers internationally and expand greater market visibility, you can sign in and sell using your username and password on eBay's local sites in the UK, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Before trading, calculate your shipping, translate your listing into the native language of that country, convert currency according to the region, and set your return policy.

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