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How to Sell Jewellery on Instagram & Make Money 2023

How to Sell Jewellery on Instagram & Make Money 2023

Suppose you're one of those online jewellery platforms which have yet to receive the memo. In that case, we're here to inform you that Instagram might be, in reality, the most significant blessing you've been waiting for, which is relatively substantial. 

The stage of engagement with manufacturers on this platform, for the most part, is stated to be the best amongst exclusive well-known social media websites and is ten situations higher than the king of social media, Facebook, which is more often than not significant. 

We'll give you some simple tips for selling jewellery on Instagram and ways to generate long-term followers by making your feed shoppable. We will also help to create visually appealing visual aesthetics for your page Check out the Instagram business page for more details.

Benefits of Instagram selling

Benefits of Instagram selling

Before revealing a method to start a commercial jewellery enterprise on Instagram, let's guide you through the most critical features of Instagram.

  • Purchasing Power – The Platform is now not just for sharing pictures. Users do take action. Over ⅓ of Instagram users have used Instagram to buy a commodity online.

  • Targeting Options – Due to Facebook's possession of Instagram, the platform has some advanced options focused on alternatives. Let's say you choose to begin a costume ring line for girls in the age group 20-30; you can select focused on picks like age, gender, location, Etc., from the target market setting.

  • Tracking Metrics – Link clicks, leads, conversion, value per result – Instagram's analytics doesn't disappoint. You can additionally use Instagram analytics equipment accessible in the market to acquire a better perception of these variables.

  • Visual Appeal – The Platform is photo-centric, and since your business entails pretty photographs of the product, users are extra likely to engage with your content.

Want to comprehend how to get in front of your clients on Instagram? 

According to a sturdy strategy made for the jewellery business, to make your jewellery business on Instagram bloom into profits and more sales, you need to follow the points mentioned below; advertising professionals can assist you in crafting a sturdy strategy for your business.

Be Active 

Being energetic on Instagram entails an aggregate of many things. It's more than simply advertising and marketing and promoting your merchandise but more about constructing your brand's photo by creatively telling your story through fascinating imagery (both images and videos) and attractive captions.

The visual element is critical in drawing your target humans into your feed. Once removed, you can build a relationship with them by interacting with them via direct messages, public comments, and Instagram stories.

Create a Good Profile for Your Brand

While creating a profile for your company sounds enormously straightforward, make it evident that the username you come up with represents your brand. Groups commonly use their employer names as usernames, but when the organization title is too lengthy, you must develop a shorthand model that stays the same as who you are as a brand.

Remember, your Instagram title can be any 1-30 characters lengthy, and you have the independence to add additional textures and underscores. However, if your company title doesn't have numbers, it would be desirable to skip that part.

If your preferred Instagram name is registered already, you must come up with another word that accurately represents who you are. You can check if your favorite title is reachable or, in any other case, by using this Instagram Availability tool. Your Instagram identity must be straightforward, memorable, and consistent with all your others.

Once you've chosen your Instagram name, immediately add your firm's logo profile picture. What you want to accomplish here is to make your target customers think of your company every time they see your logo.

Add an Innovative Biography

A bio on Instagram is an explanation of your account that can be up to one hundred fifty characters long, and it's at the very top of your profile page, next to your profile picture. It's a snap of your Instagram account which showcases your customers who you are and what your content is all about.

Because of the restrained persona count, an Instagram bio needs to be concise, convenient to read, and informative but be bold and have fun with it. Emojis and jokes are ethical games, even for authorities using the platform. After studying your bio, humans need to recognise what you do and why they should observe you.

Be brief but creative when writing a bio because you solely have a hundred and fifty characters to work with. Tell users and followers who you are and what your company is about. You can alternate what appears in your bio as frequently as you want.

Create and Showcase Engaging Content

There are two essential elements to be sure of while dealing with content. The first is text (captions along with hashtags). The second type is visual imagery, which includes photos and videos. The two main components of visual imagery are images and videos.


It is critical to post professional-looking portraits of your target customers when posting photos. Remember to pay attention to the fundamentals of jewellery images to ensure that your target audience derives value from your content. For example, the entire product must be focused, well-lit, and free of any distracting narrative that does not complement the goal.

Your jewellery piece in action should perform solely to furnish you with fascinating visual aesthetics. Still, it also approves your goal of visualising how it appears while giving visible product statistics.

Instagram pictures preserve 36% more engagement than Instagram videos, so you must build stability between movies and photos. Your images can be any (but no longer restrained to) of your jewellery products, behind-the-scenes showcasing your jewellery creation process, promotional or advertising campaign announcements, lifestyle portraits or jewellery merchandise in action, product reviews of your different jewellery pieces, Etc.

Lastly, once you've taken a few pictures against a background that's impartial in colour, before sharing them with the entire Instagram community, test to ensure they're in focus, and then crop and edit as needed. It may be challenging, but you can do this on almost any smartphone.

Although pictures generate greater engagement than videos, you can continue making movies. Instagram video consumption has increased by 40%. Like the images above, your video content material fabric may also prefer something exciting like the ones below.

  • A Glimpse of Your New Jewelry Collection
  • A Recorded Video of Your Events
  • A Star Product Overview from Your Buyers

Overall, your Instagram content wants to be an aggregate of movies and pictures, serving unique purposes such as enlightening, informing, and thrilling your goal clients and promoting your products.

Jewellery product pictures are indispensable in securing sales. When your goal customers go to a physical store, they can contact the product and strive for it. 

Use Text Effectively for Writing Powerful Descriptions/Captions

Instagram allows you to use up to 2,200 characters in your caption. However, after 125 characters, it will shorten the text, so make the most of it. Include necessary facts at the beginning of your caption and all the essential @mentions and hashtags at the end.

According to the data, product posts outperform exclusive content, such as lifestyle photos and videos, accounting for 65% of top-performing content. However, remember the 80/20 rule, which states that 20% of your posts should be self-promotional, while the other 80% should be enlightening, informing, and attracting customers.

Remember who your goal consumers are when writing captions and what your brand represents. The message should be accurate and interact with your target customers by asking questions or adding a quick call-to-action.

The aim is to present your jewellery so that a purchaser sees the want to purchase them. However, it's vital to be clear and concise while highlighting any essential points that may set your merchandise apart from your competitors, remember to combine some editorial creativity.

Remember, you're designing your product to fit a specific lifestyle. Besides, shopping for decisions is based on emotion, no more on symbolic logic.

Use Innovative Hashtags

Hashtags can help you develop your target audience by making your posts visible to your followers and other Instagram users who search for your hashtags. Instagram provides you with up to 30 hashtags per recommendation, but doing so only sometimes guarantees success.

According to one study, 5 to 10 hashtags are the ideal number to use in a post. So remember to include one if you want to take your jewellery business to new heights.

The most important takeaway is to use hashtags in your posts consistently. According to the statistics, an Instagram post with at least one hashtag performs better - attracting a 12.6% audience - than these posts, which will undoubtedly help you significantly increase product awareness.

While Instagram will technically allow you to include up to 30 hashtags with every post, it will better serve your content with 5 to 15. But which hashtags are the most effective for ring makers and sellers? Cut the guesswork out of the equation and use a couple of pieces of equipment like a Website to decide which hashtags will assist you not solely to promote your jewellery but promote it. 


Take advantage of Instagram's geotagging feature; you can post with a place mentioned, which will attract up to 79% extra engagements from the audience; it can help you make location-based selections by inspecting how your followers react to your posts.

For instance, analyse the information you're getting in terms of engagement and check where you geotag them. Do you work any low or excessive arrangements based on locations?

Use the Instagram Ad Feature Innovatively

Instagram is one of the exceptional platforms for connecting with your goal audience. As mentioned, it can reach 800 million monthly lively users, with nearly 60% of them aged 18-29. And if you need more time to present on Instagram, you can attempt accomplishing audiences through Instagram ads.

There are several sorts of commercials; however, photograph and video commercials are among the most popular. The commercials will enable you to construct your manufacturer even more by achieving well-targeted demographics.

Unlike different ads, Instagram advertisements are now not traumatic. The only issue differentiating them from other visible content on the platform is the "Sponsored" label just under the Instagram name; see the sample photo below.

Interact with Your Audience

Instagram, like other social media platforms, operates in both directions. It would be beneficial to build meaningful connections with your followers and target consumers by responding to them when they contact you. You can interact with them in a variety of ways.

Pay attention to what customers are notifying you in the comment section and make it positive to address it by responding to them if they ask you a query or recognise them.

Second, reach out further by interacting with Instagram customers outside your community but within your initiative. That is one way of making others understand your Instagram presence, and who knows, they would like you to some jewellery pieces that would activate them.

Team Up With Instagram's Finest Accounts

The fantastic money owed on Instagram is by those who commonly post excellent content material that nearly constantly receives an excessive stage of engagement. However, any account will no longer suffice observing how jewellery is sold and surveying for collaboration with the most well-known fashion, retail, and celebrity accounts. 

When achieved correctly, it needs to be distinguished from reaching a facet where your jewellery is featured on one of these accounts, even though it could cost you some cash.

Regardless, the high-quality way for you to tap into the energy of good Instagram money owed comes through interaction. Favourite, share, and remark on their posts. Besides, a booming account won't buy your jewellery its followers will.

At this point, you may need to learn how to promote Jewelry on Instagram. Still, suppose you can consciously enforce each of those above into your current social marketing strategy. In that case, it won't be lengthy earlier than you'll be making more excellent money than you ever thought possible through the progressive platform.

How Can Jewelry Brands Increase their Product Sale on Instagram?

How Can Jewelry Brands Increase their Product Sale on Instagram?

Customers are more than willing to buy high-priced items like jewellery online, according to some businesses, specifically on Instagram. Follow these points to increase your brand engagement.

Tell Them About the Inspiration for Your Jewelry Designs.

The success of a jewellery brand links to how people perceive the company's founder. Highlighting the vision behind your jewellery designs is an excellent way to make your target audience feel as if they are purchasing a product with a compelling backstory.

It allows the customer to connect with the designer and consider us a part of the experience. Regardless of Platform, there is a growing sense of intimacy between customers and brands.

Allow ASMR Content

Users may grow tired of seeing the same photos of your new products on their Instagram feeds. Brands should consider trends that c can use to spice up their Instagram posts.

Making ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos is a popular marketing strategy for jewellery companies. Essentially, ASMR videos highlight the visually appealing aspects of your product.

Make it Available for Purchase.

Having easily accessible buy links on an Instagram business account helps ensure that your casual followers convert into paying customers.

You can accomplish this by uploading your products to an Instagram shop and enabling Instagram Checkout to allow people to purchase directly from the app. You can also use services like Likeshop if you want to avoid using Instagram Shopping.

A link-in-bio tool, for example, is a shop. When you click it, we'll take you to a version of your brand's Instagram page, where each post includes a buy link for the featured products.

Utilize Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram's most successful jewellery brands give potential customers all the information they need about sizing, returns, and more without requiring them to leave the app. Pin stories that answer many of the common questions that customers may have.

Create a Rhythm for Your Posts to Keep Customers Returning

The average user on the social networking platform Instagram follows dozens of brands and retailers. For customers to pay attention to your post, you must create reasons for them.

One way to increase brand awareness is to have a weekly feature, such as a contest, giveaway, or product drop. Also, remember to use hashtags so that people can easily find your promotions.

Prepare to Participate in the Comments

Use the strategies mentioned above, and you'll notice a significant increase in engagement on your posts. Most customers will ask questions or express concerns in Instagram comments, and you should respond. By doing so, you'll notice a significant increase in engagement on your posts and draw more people toward your page/ site.

Instagram Checkout

Instagram Checkout lets customers buy products from brands *"directly*" on Instagram besides leaving the Instagram app! With Instagram Checkout, customers can get a faucet (gate)to view a product from a shoppable post and then proceed to the payment process, all within Instagram!

They must enter their name, email, billing information, and transport address the first time they test out. Checkout first launched in March 2019, with 26 manufacturers (including Zara, Revolve, Warby Parker, and Nike) making up the authentic beta.

Benefits of Instagram Checkout for Business

Instagram Checkout allows customers to buy products from brands "directly" on Instagram—without leaving the app! Customers can use Instagram Checkout to get a faucet (gate) to view a product from a shoppable post and then proceed to the payment process, all from within Instagram! The first time they check out, they must enter their name, email address, billing information, and shipping address.

Checkout first launched in March 2019, with the original beta consisting of 26 brands (including Zara, Revolve, Warby Parker, and Nike). Instagram has enabled influencers and content creators to force sales through checkout on behalf of brands, resulting in the growth of an entire e-commerce marketplace.

Influencers and content creators can now add product tags from their company partners to their Instagram posts and stories, which customers can use and pay for immediately inside the Instagram app, thanks to Instagram's Shopping for Creators feature.

With over 200 million users visiting at least one enterprise profile every day and 83% of customers discovering new products and offerings on the platform, it's no surprise that Instagram is making strides to connect brands and shoppers.

While some of these features are still being rolled out globally by Instagram, the future looks bright for brands, businesses, and influencers looking for ways to make sales with Instagram Checkout!

Instagram Marketing Suggestions

Effective marketing on Instagram will yield the best results in getting your jewellery seen and sold. It's a good idea to match your website's and Instagram's style and colors. Maintaining consistency will result in a professional appearance.

Influencers on Instagram

There are thousands of accounts on Instagram with a large following related to jewellery products. You can easily find these accounts and get in touch with highly influential Instagrammers if you search using hashtags—this is an excellent way to promote your jewellery.

Contact them to see if they'd be interested in featuring your product in one of their posts. It will cost you money, but it will also bring new customers. Choose your influencers carefully, and make sure their image stays within your brand. 

Make sure they post regularly and have high-quality content with a high engagement rate (number of likes, comments, and shares). Consider quirky and exciting ways to capture their 

Various Posts

Remember that not every post you make has to include jewellery product images; you can use this as a social platform to showcase your brand's personality.

Make how-to videos and tutorials, show off the items you're currently making, and don't be afraid to get personal your user base may be less likely to engage with an account that lacks personality. Pay attention and persuade them to believe in your product as much as you do.

Is Selling Jewelry on Instagram a Good Idea?

Is Selling Jewelry on Instagram a Good Idea?

With over 500 million active daily users, Instagram provides you and your art with an incredible opportunity to be featured. Instagram's popularity gives it a leg up on websites or apps that provide a platform for selling your artwork. 

On the other hand, Instagram never intends to be a sales platform. But, the competition with various sales platforms can undoubtedly make it difficult to sell art on Instagram. However, by employing the proper strategy, you can discover the best way to use Instagram as if it were your store. 

The Benefits of Selling Products On Instagram

The Benefits of Selling Products On Instagram

Instagram is a multi-fold platform with many facets that enable you to promote jewellery. As a photo-based social media platform, this visible environment successfully lets clients see your showcased jewellery merchandise and leads directly to sales. Once you have created a login and your manufacturer page, posting decent snapshots is all it takes to maintain this platform.

The benefit of using Instagram to sell jewellery is that it's a broadly used social networking site. With over seven hundred million monthly enthusiastic users, you can gain followers, likes, shares, and even a more evident appreciation from users to whom your jewellery appeals.

Instagram to facilitate and assist you in interacting with customers more efficiently and growing a direct way to contact them and establish relationships. Present your brand, your products, and even your persona with this mostly mobile-based app – get clued up with the friendly approaches to use Instagram marketing to your advantage.

Instagram as a Business Tool for Jewelry Commercialization

There are other ways to build your credibility if you're serious about growing your Instagram following and increasing your engagement. Consider using Instagram Business Tools. This new Instagram business feature syncs your account with your Facebook page, allowing you to interact with and learn about your followers. 

Customers can easily find you by including your phone number, location, and email address. This tool allows you to view insights, track the performance of your account, and create promotions to help you grow your business.

Also, remember to interact with and follow other accounts to build a solid foundation for selling on Instagram. Often, pages you like and observe will return the favour, especially if you have similar interests. There are courses available if you want to learn more, but these are the fundamentals to get you started in the world of Instagram.

Challenges You Will Face while Selling on Instagram

Instagram doesn't control your brand entirely because you do not personalize it. The platform maintains the content you post via its terms and conditions. Moreover, the resistance is too formidable. 

You compete in opposition to so many firms – both huge and small. In such a case, it will become challenging for minor brands to serve the goal market. And your target audience might not even have an Instagram account.

For instance, Instagram is most famous with younger users: 67% of 18 to 29yrs old. What about others who are not active on the platform, and who are your viable customers? So, what do you do?

You Need a Web/Mobile Strategy

From our experience in this industry, it's usually the right idea to have a larger and improved strategy. We suggest you begin by promoting your website and making more prominent customer base user offerings like Instagram. That's the ideal way. 

But if you have a tight budget, start a fashion jewellery retail enterprise on Instagram and slowly get a domain for your brand. With the help of a dependable advertising team, you can reach a larger audience.

Whether you begin without delay or work on it later, the backside line is to have an internet site promoting a thought. Everyone has access to an internet site or can download an app. An internet site offers you complete control over your brand with no terms and conditions. With an online fashion ring store, you can get clients from all over the globe.


If you follow these suggestions, your jewellery company will be well on becoming an e-commerce giant. Following this, you should concentrate on attracting people to your page by developing a personalize strategy. 

The right technology and processes will help to ensure that people enjoy their interactions with your brand and stay engaged over time. Hopefully, this article has loaded you with enough information to start your jewellery business online on Instagram.

While Instagram is an excellent platform for startups to sell fashion jewellery, it is not a replacement for a well-designed, user-friendly website or mobile shopping app.

Your brand will require a functional store sooner or later for better opportunities. And opening an online store is now easier than ever. You can visit the Fynd Platform website to start an online jewellery business.

About Fynd

Fynd platform is an eCommerce platform for anyone looking to start or expand an online business. The platform effectively addresses entrepreneurs, newcomers, or sellers' challenges when starting online businesses.

In addition to numerous beneficial features, it enables brands to quickly launch an online store, manage orders, and conduct marketing and communication campaign plans and ideas for their target audience. They also provide a demo so you can closely experience and learn about their website creation. So, book your demo sessions right away.


What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video-sharing app where people can add snapshots and videos and share them with their followers or a team of people (for private accounts). People on Instagram can view, like, share, and comment on posts shared by people.

Currently, users can additionally take advantage of Instagram Live, where customers can stream live videos to their followers and interact with them in real time.

Can you promote jewelry on Instagram?

As an image and video-based social media platform, Instagram is a powerhouse for jewelry sales, and you can do it for free! Instagram has a rich visual environment that allows you to showcase your products and seamlessly sell your earring collection to customers.

What is the best way to start selling jewelry on Instagram?

arrow down

It's simple to sell your jewelry on Instagram! Begin by unwinding by creating an Instagram account. Make positive changes to your profile to make it appear more qualified. If you have a web store, add the link to your profile so that Instagram buyers can click it every time they visit your product and import your jewelry.

Can you sell without delay on Instagram?

You can sell directly on Instagram via your posts, and if you have a shoppable Instagram, it makes product tagging easily feasible. You don't need an internet site to do this. You can do the real thing on Instagram. It's a free platform, and selling ought to be effortless if you put unattractive and incredible jewelry, photos, and movies that attract followers and other users.

How do I make my Instagram shoppable?

With the help of Instagram shopping on Instagram, you must first be allowed to Instagram Shopping, so make sure you acknowledge Instagram's service provider agreement and commerce policies. You must convert a private Instagram account to a business account and link it to a Facebook catalog if you have one.

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