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How to start an online jewelry store?

How to start an online jewelry store?

How often have you dreamt of an unending line of customers making unlimited orders for your jewelry store? Quite often, right? Well! What if there is something that can make your dream come true? What if you are just one step away from living your dream?
Yes! Your dream can come to reality. A number of jewelry brands are shifting to online business and increasing their customer base. Each day, more and more people are discovering the benefits of buying and selling products on the internet through websites. Whether you are a retail jeweler, a hand-crafted jewelry designer, a bench jeweler, or a large jewelry manufacturer providing wholesale jewelry, if you have decided to take your business online, then it is important to plan it thoroughly.

Let us walk through every stage of setting up your online jewelry store, steps by step:

1. Establish your brand and business:

The first step towards starting an online jewelry store is to establish a brand name for your business along with an attractive logo that will help your customers identify and remember your brand.

2. Market Research and Competition Analysis:

Research and identify your target segment to whom you'll sell the product. Conduct a thorough competition analysis to know who your competitors are and how you can differentiate your business from theirs.

3. Choose the right e-commerce platform to create your website:

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, there are many options available in the market. Some of them may be available at a low price, or some may offer different features. Fynd Platform provides an optimum combination of these: the ultimate solution for omnichannel retail business. It allows you to create your ecommerce website at an affordable rate and with several features like delivery assistance, payment gateway integration, user and API documentation, marketplace catalog generation, data insights with tracking and analytics, etc.

4. Omnichannel Customer Experience:

After creating your online store, it's time to think about the different channels to find your target audience. Build an omnichannel customer experience strategy to establish better brand visibility and a better shopping experience.

5. Marketing your brand:

Build a go-to marketing strategy for your brand and implement it. Learn about SEO and SEM to invite traffic to your website. If you have chosen Fynd Platform to build your website, you'll be able to launch email and SMS marketing campaigns, leverage SEO, gather customer feedback, etc.

Benefits of Online Jewelry Store:

Having an online presence allows your business to significantly increase profits. Let’s explore what makes online jewelry stores so profitable.

1. Cost-effective:

Having an online store saves your expenditure on the overhead costs of rent or a mortgage for the premises. Further, you won’t have to incur huge salary expenditures as you will require only a few employees to manage your online store. Learn more about the cost to develop an e-commerce store and make your choice.

2. Benefits to Customers:

An online store enables you to provide customers with cashback opportunities, gift cards, and discount coupons. Customers can view your catalog and choose their favorite category to purchase from without having the trouble to drive to your store. Thus helping your business to increase profits without incurring huge investments.

3. 24/7 Availability:

Online stores are available 24/7 allowing customers to visit the store and make purchases any time and from anywhere they want. This helps the customers who find it difficult to take out time from their busy schedules and go shopping at a brick-and-mortar store.

4. Customer Support Service:

An online store takes you closer to your customers. You can integrate digital assistants such as chatbots and live chat to assist your customers with any concerns.

5. Inventory Management:

Through an online store you can easily organize your shipments and sales, track sales orders, manage returns and refunds, etc. Moreover, these tools and facilities will allow your customers to track their orders online and cancel them anytime.

6. Advertising & Marketing:

Promoting your online business becomes easier with the help of a proper SEO strategy and digital marketing tools.  You can invite customers directly to your website by sharing links on Social Media Pages and Blogs.

Success Story

A number of people must have thought about starting an online jewelry business but let’s take a look at a brand that took the first step towards shifting their jewelry business online and never had to look back. Introducing Abhushnam Jewelry, a brand that offers high-quality and premium jewelry to serve all the customer needs from up to date to traditional jewelry.

Abhushnam chose to shift its business online by creating its website on Fynd Platform. Since then, Abhushnam has not only grown to a  bigger brand but has been selling across all the major cities of India.

The success story of Abhushnam proves that it's possible to start an online jewelry store in India and earn huge revenues. The online jewelry business is flourishing, and it yields high profits. Build your website on Fynd Platform and start dazzling your customers!

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