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How Parishri Jewellery increased its revenue by 5X with an online store built on the Fynd Platform?

How Parishri Jewellery increased its revenue by 5X with an online store built on the Fynd Platform?

About Parishri Jewellery

Parishri Jewellery, founded by jewellery design graduates Paridhi and Shrishti, offers a wide range of contemporary gold-plated Indian jewellery. Their expertise lies in designing and producing elegant jewellery pieces, such as necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings, anklets, etc., at affordable prices. 

The Indian costume jewellery market is expected to reach $2.1 billion with a CAGR of 7% in the period 2022-2027. The growth in the costume jewellery market is due to its increased popularity via soap operas and online influencers. People prefer buying costume jewellery sets as they’re compatible with their dressings and highly affordable.

Parishri intends to deliver the best value to its customers with its diverse product offerings, keeping in mind the growing need for costume jewellery. Parishri's purpose is to improve the world by bringing beauty into people's lives. They think everyone has a story to tell, and telling that narrative motivates others to work harder for the greater good. 

Guided by a sophisticated yet dramatic sensibility, Parishri combines unique elements with inventive design to create their collections.

The Shift to E-commerce Store

Parishri launched in September 2020 and began accepting early purchases from family and friends. After being recognised by the early buyers, they realised they were on the right track and launched an Instagram page to offer their customers exclusive jewellery pieces.

Instagram allowed Parishri to reach a wider audience. Customer queries and orders started coming in, and the social apps managed them. Managing orders, cataloguing products, and resolving customer queries via social apps is difficult as there’s no panel to manage them. In 2021, Parishri decided to take a bold step and shift to an online store to get a seamless business management experience. Fynd Platform enabled Parishri to start their e-commerce website using their no-code e-commerce website builder.

How did the online store help Parishri?

With a change in customer behaviour due to Covid-19, most shoppers now prefer online shopping modes. Receiving and fulfilling orders from social media platforms is tough. Business owners need to manage payments, coordinate logistics, and track packages across various channels.

Parishri required a one-stop solution for their e-commerce needs, including a payment gateway for transactions and logistics support to guarantee that online purchases were fulfilled promptly. 

After onboarding on Fynd Platform, Parishri quickly grew into a full-fledged online jewellery business with an e-commerce website, allowing them to reach thousands of consumers across India.

Fynd Platform offers order management, product uploads, cataloguing, payment gateway, and more to manage the online business seamlessly. These features have helped Parishri overcome the challenges they faced while fulfilling orders using Instagram. 

The overwhelming results from the online store

Parishri started its e-commerce store on the Fynd Platform in 2021. The store has achieved a whopping 536% revenue growth from its inception and orders grew by more than 80%.

The success team from Fynd Platform was there to help Parishri at every step. From basic design to product uploads and SEO, the team helped them to launch and scale their online business.

The Growth 10X plan benefits businesses that want to launch their online business quickly with an e-commerce shop designed by professionals that includes everything from themes to product uploads to banner creations. This add-on service helped Parishri launch its online store in no-time. 

Consistent Growth with an E-commerce Store

After getting a phenomenal response from its online store, Parishri continues on its growth trajectory with the Fynd Platform. Having an e-commerce store paved the way for them to run ads, optimise SEO, and be visible on search engines. 

Fynd Platform’s no-code fully customisable e-commerce website builder has helped Parishri set up the online store quickly. What started as an Instagram page is now a full-grown online business.

Here’s what the founders had to say, “We believe Fynd Platform is the perfect place to house our product pieces! Fynd Platform has constantly helped us by providing the perfect platform to present our work to our customers through an e-commerce website.”

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