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40 Most Profitable Ecommerce Business Ideas for Earning in 2023

40 Most Profitable Ecommerce Business Ideas for Earning in 2023

Business ventures and strategies across the globe have come a long way, especially since the advent of information technology. The internet has acted as a propellor towards success in different entrepreneurial ventures.

One of the most trending business methods is the e-commerce business. In India, especially since the pandemic, E-commerce has reached new heights to fulfil the necessities of the people. As a result, it has opened a gateway of opportunities and business for many budding entrepreneurs in the country.

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The best thing is, that e-commerce has paved the way for more innovative business ideas and plans, allowing more and more people to start business ventures with nominal investment. Let us find out about the various e-commerce business ideas that have gained popularity these days.

What is E-commerce Business?

What is E-commerce Business

Any business which is operated through a website specifically designed for buying and selling products is called an e-commerce business. Businesses operated through platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, Fynd platform, and Myntra all are classified as e-commerce.

Anyone can start an e-commerce business by registering as a seller on a leading e-commerce platform or by starting their website from the scratch. You can also build your e-commerce website on Fynd platforms which will help you make the most of their available traffic.

Today, the buzz around e-commerce is growing exponentially as the need for social distancing is dire. Moreover, internet technology has advanced to a large extent and as a result, entrepreneurs are coming up with new ways to operate a business online.

Almost every commodity and service can be sold online which is the beauty of e-commerce. From luxurious imported perfumes to basic home necessities like a toothbrush- you can sell and buy everything online.

By 2030, the e-commerce market in India is expected to reach US$350 million. It is expanding at the rate of 19.5% CAGR. So, you can figure out how profitable it will be to become a part of the industry at the earliest.

Why is it advantageous in the present day to start an online business?

Why is it advantageous in the present day to start an online business

E-commerce has been around for decades in India. But the boom in this industry is witnessed particularly in the past 5-6 years. With the advent of the 3G internet that is accessible from any corner of the country, the scope to operate a business online had evolved too.

Today, almost every type of business has a basic website showcasing its products and services. They also get listed on leading e-commerce platforms to strengthen their foothold in the market. Here’s why it is particularly advantageous to start an e-commerce wing of your business these days:

Wider exposure

Make your small local store a global sensation with the help of e-commerce. With an e-commerce business model, you can reach out to more people all over the country and even abroad. As a result, your sales will also increase manifolds.

No need for a physical store

With the right business model, you need to own a physical store to showcase your products. Take quality images and upload them on the platform and you are set to start selling. Since you need not have a physical outlet for your store, a lot of costs can be reduced in maintenance and rental of a shop.


E-commerce stores are versatile. Whether you stock branded clothes or local tailor-made boutiques you can sell here. From hardware items to puja ingredients- there is a growing demand for all types of items online. Hence, irrespective of the products you sell, an e-commerce segment is a profitable idea.


Starting an e-commerce business requires significantly less investment compared to physical stores. Electricity bills, showroom rental, décor, man-power, etc. are slashed down easily from your business model when you go online.

How to start an e-commerce business?

How to start an e-commerce business

The steps to start an e-commerce business are straightforward. If you already have arrangements for the inventory, all you need is to register as a seller on any e-commerce platform.

If you wish to start an e-commerce website independently, there are options like Shopify or Fynd Platform where you can build the website easily. This is a more popular way to begin your business online. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the Fynd platform website and register as a user here.
  • Go to the Sales Channel Button and click on the “+” sign then click on the new application listed under the online store.
  • Fill out all the details regarding your website and then pick the items you wish to display. Then click on Next.
  • Choose an appropriate website domain name. You will get suggestions of the name from the rundown, but you can also choose your name.
  • Select “Digital” in the product section next and then select the relevant names and sections for the type of product your website features.
  • Add images on products and catchy descriptions which will make them more appealing.
  • Set up the payment gateway for your customers next.

There are many advantages of starting an e-commerce business on the FYnd Platform. There are no commissions involved. Your website gets verified easily and so does your bank account. The payments from the customers also get deposited directly to your bank.

Types of E-commerce Business

The Internet has reduced the world to the fingertips and opened the gateway to many opportunities. It broke the stereotype of traditional business methods and introduced the concept of e-commerce.

The pandemic is an example of the fact that technology can leverage businesses in a very efficient way. Ecommerce is a vast concept, and various types of models function under this huge umbrella.

There are different e-commerce models, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. An ideal business expected to make a profit must have a fair understanding of these types of e-commerce existing today. This understanding will help one place their business in the right bucket and maximize the opportunities.

1. B2C- Business to consumer

B2C- Business to consumer

Business to Consumer is a direct pathway between a business to its end-user. This is the electronic mode of the traditional business model, and often this is the type which pops up in everybody’s mind when they hear of e-commerce.

It is the most prominent market type available and is available everywhere. There are numerous unique approaches to this concept. Most commodities, like household items, clothes, entertainment, etc., are channelled through a B2B business mode.

This usually applies to purchases with lower value, and the time consumed to decide on the purchases is comparatively less. The additional attraction is that it is not only restricted to products but also applicable to services as well. The use of technology to undertake various activities like marketing, tracking etc., is categorized under this novel concept.

2. B2B- Business to Business

B2B- Business to Business

As the name suggests, it is a mode of e-commerce between two businesses. In this mode, a business buys the products or services from another seller. There are two scenarios; sometimes, the business that purchased the product or service is the end-user, and sometimes they resell it to the end-user.

These have a longer sales cycle than the B2C type but more recurring purchases. Various software companies, office material supply companies, and office hosting stations fall under this category. This type of e-commerce generally requires a substantial initial investment.

Modern B2B innovators have replaced the traditional catalogues and order sheets, and the number of B2B buyers has drastically increased in the past few years.

3. C2B- Consumer to Business

C2B- Consumer to Business

The consumer-to-business model is the least thought of concept but a prevalent model in the current market. In this type, the Consumer sells their goods or services to the businesses and is equivalent to a sole proprietorship concept.

In this model, the customer can post their work on the site, which is available for bidding. Businesses or companies can bid for the opportunity and buy the product or the service. Models like UpWork, Blog writing etc., fall under this category.

These models help companies connect with social media influencers, freelancers, etc., to enhance their businesses. This model allows the consumers the power to quote their prices effectively.  

4. C2C- Consumer to Consumer

C2C- Consumer to Consumer

This is the medium that connects one Consumer to another with the help of an online medium. This online marketplace allows consumers to exchange goods and services by charging transactions.

One of the best examples of this model is eBay. This model is unsustainable due to quality control issues and higher fraud rates. This model requires a meticulous and calculated plan.

The C2C platforms make money by charging a small fee from the seller to list their item. It allows the sellers to earn a higher margin and makes the product available at a low cost to the buyer.  

5. D2C- Direct to Consumer

D2C- Direct to Consumer

This model removes the middle layer that connects the business to the customer. In this type, the seller sells the product or service directly to the buyer through their webstore.

The majority of the customers across the globe prefer this type of model. The major benefit of this model is that it makes the seller develop a better understanding of the customer's taste and preferences.

It also aids in building and maintaining the brand reputation as the buyer will have all the rights to all business activities. This model requires a skilled team and an excellent network to ensure they meet the consumers' demands.

6. White label and Private label

White label and Private label

A white label concept is putting your name and a brand on a generic product purchased from a distributor. White label products require massive advertising and application of marketing strategies appropriately since it competes with many competitors. Working with White label products is comparatively an easy process.

In the Private label, the retailer hires a manufacturer to create a unique product to be sold exclusively to the manufacturer. In this, the payment which will be made to the private entity will be huge, but the return on investment will also be high. These types allow the seller to start their business without investing much in the warehouses.

7. Wholesaling


It is a type of Business-to-Business Model which involves exchanging goods between various businesses. This type of product is offered in bulk at a considerable discount by the retailer.

In a few cases, if the consumer is budget conscious, then this works as Business to consumer model also. The products are sold at a discounted price with the help of online e-commerce platforms. It improves customers' buying experience, thereby attracting a large number of customers.

8. Drop shipping

Drop shipping

It is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce methods in today’s time. It is a method in which the wholesaler transfers the customer orders and shipment details to the manufacturer. The manufacturer then ships the product to the end-user.

The advantages to this model are that wholesalers do not have to deal with a huge product inventory and keep the upfront costs low. The major disadvantages of this model are lack of quality control, high dependency on the manufacturer stock levels and long shipping time for the orders.

9. Subscription service

Subscription service

England, in the early 1600 used the concept of Subscription to deliver books to its loyal consumers. This model sells the product regularly to maintain customer loyalty and consistent cash flow.

The subscription model acquires money on a monthly or annual basis. It requires the right technology and proper systems so that the subscriptions are fulfilled and delivered on time. It works best with products that get replenished often. The idea behind this model is customer retention.

Innovative e-commerce business ideas in 2023

To start an e-commerce business you should be innovative, Fynd platform will help you with Best innovative e-commerce ideas given below:

1. Fashion website

The fashion industry is a sector where trends change by the time one breathes. This industry has paced up the e-commerce sector and almost replaced the traditional “Brick and mortar” model. When the pandemic hit the world, many retailers faced a backlash because of the new norms of social distancing.

However, during this time, many fashion e-commerce businesses flourished and established themselves in the market through their innovative utilization of the online platforms available. Myntra, Ajio etc., are a few names that have proved that an online platform is sufficient to climb the terrain of success if you have the right strategic plan.

The employment rate is 7% in this industry at present. It is growing rapidly as consumer demands increases. At present, the total importance of footwear, clothing and textile is US 5.9 billion dollars.

2. Fashion rental

In this modern world where fashion is evolving every second, renting apparel appears to be a more feasible option than buying. This is a very beneficial platform for style-conscientious buyers who can rent designer dresses and accessories for various special occasions.

This business might appear a bit weird, but it’s a proven fact that it brings a huge profit and has the potential to emerge as a successful idea in the market. You can start such a business easily with the help of Fynd Platform. It requires a good network with various stakeholders, and the business will make money by collecting the rent for the item rented to the customer.

3. Online medical consultation

Online medical consultation

Health is a finite product whose demand will never cease as long as human civilization exists. Telemedicine is one of the novel attempts to deliver care to the needy where distance and inconvenience have a critical role to play. The timely access to appropriate interventions may lead to better management, thereby improving the person's health.

It is also a detrimental factor in reducing the patient's out-of-pocket expenditure by saving on the transportation cost. The inconvenience which may incur to the caretaker and the wage loss at the family end due to long-distance travel can be reduced through online consultation.

The role of virtual consultations has enhanced after the covid-19 attack and has opened the doors for many e-health platforms and applications. Investing in an eHealth platform can generate huge profits because of its recurring demand.

4. Online Pharmacy

Online Pharmacy

This is another e-commerce set-up in the field of health where medicines are exchanged between buyers and sellers through a vendor. These offer better pricing options than offline stores and are preferred since it’s delivered at the doorstep.

The best part is the ailing patient or the caretaker doesn’t have to go out searching for medications and can be brought at the fingertips. It allows the customer to select the drugs from many medicine stores.

The prescriptions generated are validated through licensed pharmacists. Certain applications like Pharmeasy have an option to get the prescription validated from a doctor as well.

The recent Covid pandemic has escalated the demand for this type of venture, and people are also accustomed to such services. The E-pharmacy business is estimated to reach INR458.18 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 44.99% approximately during 2021-26.

5. Jewellery trading business

Jewellery trading business

India has a massive appetite for all types of jewellery. The demand for gold and other jewellery will never cease because of the traditions and customs. Because of the rising price of gold and other jewellery, the need for artificial jewellery has increased significantly.

It is a low investment venture for creative heads. This has been a popular option for starting a small business by women. The jewellery business can be categorized into two categories: fine and costume.

It is recommended to undergo basic training to create the jewellery as it is a specialized art form. The other requirements are protective equipment, especially glasses, and the essential tools required to convert the beads or threads into a wearable form. A good marketing strategy on top of it will yield good results.

6. Electronic gadget store

Electronic gadget store

The current market has a massive demand for electronic goods. The need for tech-driven machines is rising because people rely on these products. The basic morning chores like preparing breakfast to turn on the AC for a peaceful sleep, the world revolves around electronic gadgets. Undoubtedly, they have made life easier and instant.

This testifies that the demand for this industry will go up shortly. Investment in such a venture would be a wise decision.

7. Photography store

Photography store

Monthly beauty hamper

Photography has transformed itself from a hobby to a business. Today, we see hardly anybody without a camera, a GoPro, or a smartphone with a high-end camera. This is an area where not much training is required, and expertise can be developed with the help of basic understanding.

Capturing every moment of life has become one of the mandates among today’s generation. One can see numerous flashlights at a wedding, party, or tourist spot. This shows the demand for these cameras and their accessories.

Seeing the world through lenses has changed the whole business of photography. There are millions of pages on Instagram that buy and sell photographs. An online photography store is a thoughtful venture to attract the young generation, especially those who love to travel.

8. DIY crafts and accessories

DIY crafts and accessories

From early man to modern man, civilisation has travelled a lot. However, the one thing that has stayed in the art of handmade things. Crafting has always dominated human society and has created a central position for itself in everybody’s life.

It is a medium of expression and allows for refining and preserving the culture. DIY crafts and accessories are one of the must-try options if one is looking to develop e-commerce in the crafts.

This can be a revenue-generating option for those with a deep passion for crafting. One must identify the existing market gap and create a product for the target audience. It needs to be advertised using social media and supplied with the help of a supplier. A unique product has a high chance of sustaining itself in the market.

9. Global e-commerce store

Global e-commerce store

Amazon is a name known for its reach to almost every nook and corner of the world. The brand logo itself showcases its reach to every place. The concept involves selling and buying products across geographies.

In this business, the products are sold in another country through online sales and marketing. This strategy allows an easy expansion to foreign markets and makes it easy to find the right fit product. The major checkpoint before the start is to ensure that one has sufficiently skilled resources to undertake the operation.

10. Old and bulk bookstore

Old and bulk bookstore

The primary step towards building this empire is having a good inventory with a good website. Continuous scouting of books should be undertaken. A good marketing plan with rigorous advertising on social media handles must be conducted to attract the audience.

The niche area should be identified, and a website must be created to share regular updates with the customer. BookChor and UsedBooksFactory are a few leading names in this industry.

11. Thrift store

Thrift store

A concept raised by charitable organisations to generate funding for noble causes is a thrift store initiative where second-hand products are sold. Instagram is flooded with many thrift stores and is generating massive profits due to the huge inflow of customers. ThredUP and GoodTwice are a few names in this field.

These are the latest craze as they endorse sustainable shopping at a meagre price. This initiative can be undertaken with the least investment, and all one needs is good marketing skills. Instagram will be an effective tool to showcase the products and gradually develop a good network and a website that can follow.

12. Travel agency

Travel agency

Travelling has slowly transformed into a profession by itself. It is a common escape gateway for all from today’s stressful ambience. An online travel agency will be a wise thought to explore in today's world.

An online travel agency will help you avail services to a large number of travellers across the globe. It also allows you to assist the customer in the process, from initial research to planning and booking.

MakeMyTrip is one such initiative that is an abode to millions of travellers across the world. Rigorous marketing and strategic planning are two mandates to succeed in this business. It also should have access to rich tools and analytics to understand customer behaviour.

13. Furniture store

Change is the law of nature, and people love changes. Most of the time, when our surroundings get monotonous, we change the room's structure. Everybody loves to transform their personal space into something exciting and cosy.

A blank space can be defined only if it has the right furniture; an empty room can be designed into an office, a bedroom, or a kitchen, depending on what is kept within the four walls.

IKEA is a huge name in this industry that has revolutionized the whole concept of home décor shopping through technology. The online furniture concept dilutes the struggle of finding the vehicle to load the furniture to ensure it reaches the destination. The online store offers many options along with multiple offers and discounts, which attract customers to explore these platforms.

14. e-book store

e-book store

Internet surfing is one of the most commonly found activities of all people in today’s world. Most of us browse to shop or in search of entertainment. With the advent of digitalization, the myths and taboos around virtual platforms have diminished.

The education sector survived with the help of virtual platforms during the Covid pandemic. The major benefit of an e-book store is that it enhances the customer's satisfaction level and provides a vast selection.

An e-book store also guides the customer to look for the particular book they are searching for. It also provides feedback on that specific book by other readers. Physical stores have limited selection due to space congestion and loss exposure.

Amazon Kindle is a platform million across the globe use to read their favourite books. The revenue in this segment is expected to be the US $154.4 million in 2023.

15. Local handicrafts store

Local handicrafts store

Indian handicraft items are in high demand and can be the seed for building a start-up. This concept doesn't require much investment but can generate a lot of monetary benefits in return.

The "Gaatha" initiative from Ahmedabad is one such concept where they used materials like bamboo, wood, leather etc., which are recyclable to be created into beautiful handicrafts.

They also used urban waste like clothes and jewellery in their venture and created the best out of these wastes. The artisans from states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh etc., are involved in this process.

This is a novel way to reduce the gap between artisans and customers. The concept of strategically marketed and put on a website will fetch good results in a short period.

16. Online food ordering and catering

Online food ordering and catering

Zomato and Swiggy do not need an introduction in today’s world. Most hungry stomachs are satisfied with their craving diet by a Zomato or a Swiggy valet. Online food ordering and catering platforms are very famous in today’s era.

It is a process of ordering your desired food for delivery from the chosen restaurant with the help of an application or website. It can be restaurant controlled where the restaurant has its websites and delivery channels or can be through independent websites.

This way, it offers customers more options and is comparatively easier to place large orders. This venture is so popular that the Indian Railways have adopted this concept into their IRCTC platform.

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17. Freelance content marketing and website designing

Freelance content marketing and website designing

Content marketing is trending because everybody loves visually appealing content. It is the process of creating content in various forms and sharing these with the target segment and building the brand. Website Designing is also an activity undertaken by a technical or trained person who can design websites for various companies or individuals.

There are a lot of sites like UpWork, and Fiver where freelancers can register and the businesses will bid for them and recruit them to get the work done. This is the ideal sector for those who love to write and know to present them creatively and appealingly.  

18. Freelance website designing

Freelance website designing

If your expertise is website designing, not only can you start your e-commerce website smoothly, but you can also make it your profession. Many small and medium businesses looking for freelance website designers to curtail their cost.

The key to successfully starting your website designing business is having a flawless website representing your business. Market your services through the different digital platforms and showcase some of the works on your website. All these together will help you gain more clients.

Freelance website designing is a growing freelance mode of business and hence the competition is fierce. The key to making your business a success is offering quality at standardized rates.

19. Online Grocery

Online Grocery

Online shopping has now upgraded to another level, and grocery has been added to this list. There are exclusive online grocery ventures like BigBasket, and there are others where online grocery is an additional feature, like Swiggy. Groceries are a daily necessity, and when you get fresh products at home hassle-free, it makes a perfect choice.

The unique part of this concept is that, unlike other sectors, groceries need not be tried or felt to decide whether to be purchased or not. In today’s world, people are getting oriented to technology, and e-commerce is taking off the way.

Including one of the necessities like groceries into the list will never be a failed attempt. Preserving quality and freshness is one major challenge in this venture. Another challenge is the huge distribution cost encountered as consumers purchase products in low quantities.

20. Online pet grooming

Online pet grooming

Grooming is a service that pet owners search for their pets. In most cases, the pet owners do not have the time, patience and skill to groom their pets as desired, so they hunt for professionals who excel in this field to undertake this job. This is a golden opportunity for experienced people and will be like a feather in the hat for animal lovers.

The earnings for such businesses are usually dependent on location and are generally seen in big metropolitan cities of India at present. A website can be created that enlists the details of the services the business provides and should be marketed strategically.

21. Online baby products

Online baby products

Business on baby products is a completely separate category if we compare it to the requirement of an adult. A newborn to a toddler needs several products while growing up which includes a toy, baby clothing and other supporting artifacts important for their growth.

A parent never compromises with the growth of their baby and a growing baby requires a lot of love and care. An online baby product business can be a big hit because the requirement for baby toys, clothes, diapers or food is never-ending and there is always a demand for doorstep delivery for these goods.

22. Online plants and gardening

 Online plants and gardening

Plant and gardening are profitable e-commerce businesses in the market. Long those days are gone when people with big lawns and personal housing would only think of gardening.

With the evolution of time and modern architecture, everyone can think of growing a small rooftop or balcony garden. Also, potted indoor plants are the major attraction of many customers this day.

A potted indoor plant adds an aesthetic touch and can brighten up a small room. This plant can survive in any climate and requires very little care. An online plant store makes a good profit primarily from their indoor plants.

23. Sports equipment

Sports equipment

When it comes to the sports equipment business there is always a demand for buying sports items in India. A useful sports equipment busies depends on its quality, variety and goodwill. According to the world sports encyclopedia, there are around 8,000 indigenous sports in the world.

But the most popular names of sports from this list are Football, cricket, basketball, hockey, baseball, volleyball, Badminton, Table tennis, Golf, Tennis etc. If you want to run a profitable business it is mandatory to maintain a quality stock of equipment for all this popular sport.

24. Online boutique

Online boutique

Online boutiques are never out of trend, ladies are all about buying unique designer cloth with the convenience of home delivery. The business of boutiques is quite profitable and there is some targeted customers for this business. Online boutique designer clothes are always in demand because there is no bulk production of one item.

Every piece is unique from the other and this is the reason why customers are inclining more toward online boutiques. Moreover, an online boutique can offer a more economical rate than an actual boutique store, and customers can buy new designer pieces without taking the trouble of visiting a store.

25. Online fabric and tailoring store

Online fabric and tailoring store

Fabric and tailoring shops are quite profitable businesses. Tailoring is always in demand and never out of the trade. As there are thousands of designs available for readymade cloth but still the requirement for customized cloth is always there.

If you want to run this business successfully you will need some good tailors who are professional and variations of fabric to offer to your customer. Also, the convenience of online shopping makes it easier for buyers to make an order.

26. Online spectacles, lenses and eyecare

Online spectacles, lenses and eyecare

At least one to two people in a family will have eye issues nowadays. The demand for spectacle and eye care is unending for normal people but it becomes more convenient to avail if the service is in online mode.

To run a successful eye care and spectacle business online it is important to be authentic with the product you sell. It becomes easier to attract more customers if you could offer more variation in both design and price of the spectacles.

On top of that, if there is an option to avail of any eye care service that is reliable, you are bound to get more customers. Last but not least is the Goodwill of a business and to achieve that the only way out is to provide quality products and services to the customer.

27. Art and sculpture products and accessories

Art and sculpture products and accessories

Indian customer has become more aware of art and sculpture. If you want to start a business on different art sculptures and accessories there is a good market for this product. This business would not only benefit you as an owner but also give a chance to those budding talented artists who want to earn a living from this skill.

Art and sculpture have always been a reason behind the aesthetic beauty of a household. If you put up a painting or a sculpture in your drawing room it would not only beautify your place and would be a reflection of your culture, taste and heritage.  

28. Imported luxury brand store

Imported luxury brand store

Imported luxury brand items are of the major attraction for Indian customers. If an item is exclusive and is imported to you from a faraway country naturally the craze for that product increases. There are many exotic items that we can get in abroad that the customer craves and an imported Luxury brand store provides this item within your reach.

To run this business profitably you need to do a market survey and understand what are the items that are not available in your country and that only imported brands can offer.

29. Online customized perfume store

Online customized perfume store

Now who is not crazy for perfumes and if it is customized then nothing is better than that. Everyone has their unique scent it can be a combination of different aromas and only a customized perfume store can deliver your very own scent. This online business idea of customized perfume is making some good sales in the market.

If you want to run a successful online customized perfume store it is important to be original, creative and more artistic with your presentation. As perfume is a luxury product the packaging and the presentation should match the content.

30. Monthly beauty hamper

Who doesn’t like the feeling of being surprised, the concept of monthly beauty hampers is based on this feeling of the receiver? This business idea is earning a good profit in the market.

Based on the requirement of the customer a beauty hamper is designed with various beauty products. Without buying several products individually the customer can buy one beauty hamper which will contain all the necessary items they require for a month.

To earn a good profit, you just need to be up to date on the requirement of the customer, new products that are being launched recently and of course goodwill. Without the goodwill and trust of a customer, a business can never be successful so you need to make sure to give extra attention to customer service.

31. Online betting and casino

Online betting and casino

The online gambling business has boomed since the pandemic. The online platform is the perfect place to gamble with multiple players and it ensures a safe transaction. With the integration of technology in betting casino gambling has become more of a conventional game.

More players are joining this game during the pandemic because it is easy money and within your reach. This industry is flourishing since the pandemic and there is no sign of slowing down ever since. So, if you want to kick start your dream of opening your online casino there is no better time than now.

32. Online vehicle rental and booking

Online vehicle rental and booking

Online car rentals are a business that is always in demand. With the grace of modern technology, you can now book your car online without any hassle. Just put your destination select your car type and book yourself a cab.

This business is quite profitable and requires a one-time investment.  Due to the convenience and demand, many have pursued this business plan and run it successfully. You just need to give some extra attention to customer and service and satisfaction, only if you serve your customer right then only can you get good feedback and more bookings.

33. Private label natural skincare

Private label natural skincare

There is a huge market for organic products. Skincare products which contain natural ingredients are preferable to customers. Running a private label natural skincare business makes a good amount of profit.

Private labelling means buying the raw material from a separate manufacturer and you can make any changes to the resource during its production. Private labelling will give you the authority to decide everything related to the supply chain.

You can control the production cost and earn a maximum profit. Also, you can control the quality of your product and get it done most healthily and hygienically. All these factors will lead to a profitable business.

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34. Handmade treats for pets

Handmade treats for pets

Our pets are like our family members. Everyone wants the best for their furry babies and pet products have a big market in our country. Handmade treat business is always in demand as these are made with organic ingredients and made in the healthiest setup.

Even if you are new and have beginner's skills in baking you can still earn a good profit from this business. The key to success for this business is using good quality raw ingredients. Every dog owner treats their pet as their kids and never wants to compromise in providing healthy snacks to their furry babies.

35. Eco-friendly toiletries

Toilet items are placed on the table.

Let’s face it, although you can replace a lot of your regular products with eco-friendly options but not toiletries. But if you think that you can deliver durable Organic toiletries which are also travel-friendly then you can start a business of eco-friendly toiletries.

In the organic industry, the authenticity of your product plays a vital role. Your thought for greener earth goes a long way and also helps in creating your brand's goodwill. Also, the creativity and presentation of your product create a good first impression in the eyes of the buyers.

36. Customized printed apparels

 Customized printed apparels

The customized printed products are a great gifting option. This business has a steady market and is never out of demand. Customized apparel has been growing steadily in the market.

Your main target as a customized printed apparel seller should be identifying the preference of your customer. Like the majority of the customers prefer printed T-shirts and you can start your business online business with this one product.

Once you make a good profit and earn the trust of your customer you can further introduce other customized products. Also, the quality of your print, price and also time of delivery plays an important role in this business.

37. Online fitness equipment and consultancy

Online fitness equipment and consultancy

Fitness is not a goal but a journey and you learn something new every day in your fitness journey. Now get your fitness knowledge by sitting in the comfort of your home. The online Fitness apparel and consultancy is an effective idea for a rewarding business.

An online fitness consultancy business requires to creation of an online workout video that is not customized and is only made for the targeted audience. Also, the collection of fitness apparel should contain all the trendy workout equipment and clothes. If you wanted to be more creative with your work you can post regular videos of your lifestream work out to increase more audience.

38. Men's beauty subscription box

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A men's beauty Subscription box is a unique and profitable business idea. There are many options when it comes to female beauty subscription boxes but it is buying personalized beauty products for men is rarer. It is a known fact that men have thicker skin and a harder texture than women and they need their range of beauty products.

As there are not as many customized beauty subscription boxes for men as there are for women the demand will be automatically higher. Also, eco-friendly packaging, social media marketing, and Goodwill play important role in the success of this business plan.

39. Organic and Vegan food delivery

Organic and Vegan food delivery

The number of Vegans is multiplying in number as society is getting more aware of their health. Doing Organic and Vegan Food Delivery has a profitable market in Indian and it is still growing. Everyone wants their food fresh and if you want to succeed in this business quality and freshness of the product is the most vital part.

There is a targeted group of customers who prefer organic over regular food. To make sure that this customer stays loyal to your business you need to deliver fresh hand-picked ingredients within time without failing.

40. Online education portal

Online education portal

The importance of the online education portal has increased more since the outbreak of the pandemic. In an online education portal, you get various information related to e-learning.

The profitability of this business has grown since the outbreak as more and more children are getting easier access to education by seating at home this industry has been growing. Also, to succeed in this business the key is to create quality e-learning material, courses presentation, tests, and of course certificates as a reward.


Business models and strategies have come a long way with the help of technology. You can make your business stand out in the crowd when you are tech-savvy enough. Offering your clients more ways to reach you other than visiting your store, can help any business grow these days.

From better exposure to minimal investment and maximized profit- e-commerce business ideas can prove very profitable when executed well. You can do all these easily with a basic understanding of e-commerce when you start your business on the Fynd Platform. It is easy to accelerate any online business here. Simply design the website, select your business goals and set up the subscription plan accordingly.


What is the No 1 Ecommerce Company in India?

Presently, Amazon is considered the number one e-commerce company in India. It is the largest e-commerce website that lists almost everything from daily homewares to exclusive furniture. Thousands of sellers are part of the Amazon e-commerce website and making their business grow with the help of this platform.

Which eCommerce business is profitable in India?

Many products are particularly in high demand in India as a result, starting an e-commerce website for them is very profitable. Some of these businesses are saree, clothing, electronic gadgets, cosmetics, skincare, etc.

What is the best E-commerce Business to start?

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This largely depends on your skill and aptitude. Any business or product that you understand well and have in-depth knowledge about is the best business to start online. Some businesses which have a sure-fire success rates are clothing, beauty, home improvement products etc.

What is the fastest E-commerce platform?

The Fynd Platform is one of the fastest e-commerce platforms. It is growing by the day and registering a website here ensures your customers have a hassle-free experience. The faster and smoother their checkout experience is, the more likely they are to come back.

Which e-commerce platform has the best SEO?

Fynd Platform, and Shopify are some of the top e-commerce platforms which have well-established SEO. As a result, by starting any business venture in collaboration with such platforms, you can quickly get better exposure from the right people.

Is SEO good for Ecommerce?

SEO is essential for all types of websites including e-commerce. It helps your business rank higher on google and as a result, it gets better exposure. Make your business stand out when your website ranks above all.

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