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25 Business Ideas In Thanjavur For 2023 (Low Investment High Profit)

25 Business Ideas In Thanjavur For 2023 (Low Investment High Profit)

One is forced outside their comfort zone when starting a new business. Millions of people each year are motivated to open their own workspace by the never-ending enthusiasm and the need to keep moving. 

  • Investment.
  • Dedication.
  • Determination.
  • Marketing. 
  • Networking.

The gradual process of starting a business and achieving the desired success can produce a sense of fulfillment that raises one's standard of living. In the market, there are numerous business varieties. Some people make a modest investment to indulge their passion or creative urge. Some people start businesses worth $1 million and strive to become the next business tycoon.  


The soil of Thanjavur, which is located in southern India, bears the imprint of centuries of history. Thanjavur or Tanjore, formerly the seat of the renowned Chola dynasty, is enigmatic and easy on the eye. Since the beginning of time, hundreds of intellectuals have called this attractive city home.

Its history, cityscape, architecture, and culture have made it a popular tourist destination. Both hodophiles and pilgrims arrive at this land to explore the city and its panorama. The economy of Thanjavur is sustained mostly by agriculture, service-oriented industries, and tourism. The City is lively and scenic! 

Now, a company venture in this area would be great for any entrepreneur given its limitless opportunities. Here’s a list of reasons that you can consider for choosing Thanjavur for your novel enterprise:

  • This region on the Kaveri Delta is fertile. It produces a large number of crops every year!
  • Being a few kilometers away from the seaport and airport, this is linked with other parts of the country.
  • It has also made notable contributions in the corporate sector. 
  • A smart city with ample scope for development. 

Statical Table:

Economy of State/city
Agriculture, tourism and industries.
Contribution to the Country and State  Production of a huge quantity of crops. Organic farming.  Artefacts and architecture. 
GDP  1858 million USD 
Total population  250,000 
Name of successful businesses  1. Jio Centre.
2. Muthoot Finance Corporation. 3. LIC of India.

Thanjavur Smart India.

Entrepreneur's Story:

The life of Srividya Rabindranath serves as an example of a prosperous entrepreneurial path. This Thanjavur native gained fame by selling her Tanjore or Thanjavur painting. She is an artist and a member of the Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust. Her artwork highlights Thanjavur's vibrant cultural heritage. She creates a profitable business by combining her passion with her art. Her paintings are worldwide bestsellers, and she is the recipient of many prestigious honours.

Business Ideas

Getting started with the business ideas that one wishes to establish to earn fortune:

1. Tourism Business:

Two lady is discussing to each other

The world is fascinated with Indian history! India's art and architecture are fascinating and astounding from North to South. South Indian art and architecture are upheld in Tanjavur. It served as the capital throughout the legendary Chola dynasty's reign, which left its artistic and beautiful mark everywhere you look.

The names of some tourists' favourite destinations are the UNESCO-certified Great Living Chola Temples, Brihadeeswarar Temple, Thanjavur Maratha Palace, Saraswati Mahal Library, and others. A tourism company would be successful right away.

An effective marketing strategy is necessary for a successful tourism organization. A solid website and the power of social media are essential for expanding your audience. The Fynd Platform is a good option in this situation because it provides a variety of reasonably priced business-related services.

2. Dance Institute:

some student is practicing in the dance class

South Indian dance style Bharatanatyam owes a lot to the city because significant growth took place here. Opening a dance institute would be a good choice if you are passionate about both dance and theatre. You can carry on this great legacy of spellbinding dance and theatre by making use of your skills.

A dance teacher trains the next generation to preserve this dance style for future generations. It's the best option for a side business. You can advance by assembling a group of artists and showcasing Indian culture around the world.

You can also integrate other Indian dancing styles for variety. This is a technique to introduce Indian tradition and culture to the next generation. It takes little to zero investment but have wide scope for growth. 

3. Music Institution:

remixer of DJ sound

The Carnatic music of Thanjavur is steeped in tradition, much like the dance styles there. Thanjavur is the birthplace of the classical music style known as Carnatic. Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music are two illustrious art forms that are produced by the Tanjore Quartet. Carnatic's music gained popularity in the 13th and 14th centuries and is linked to the Vedic era and Hindu deities.

Carnatic's music's ongoing popularity is largely due to the efforts made by music enthusiasts who host several festivals to highlight the entrancing music and dance. A specific set of instruments needed for this song can be found in the city.

Being a music teacher allows you to put to use your years of training and experience in these artistic disciplines. A group of students who will carry on the legacy will be trained under your direction.

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4. Art Gallery:

Many ore pencils in the cups

Anyone who has even a passing interest in art or history will bring up the Thanjavur painting. Some of the distinctive characteristics of Thanjavur art include the depiction of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and the 24-carat gold foil enhanced detail. Art fans have spent years studying great works of art and trying to capture their captivating sensations.

A Thanjavur art gallery would be a successful commercial venture since it would draw many of the tourists who come to the city to enjoy its splendour. Perhaps art aficionados will travel to your specifically curated gallery.

You can sell your artwork online in addition to the gallery view to increase your profit. With your full-time or part-time commitment to this endeavour, you can simply keep it going!

5. Handicraft: 

so many maked handcraft in plate

An increase in the handicraft industry is observed in well-known tourist areas. Skilled craftspeople, and artists find an audience for their skill set. Tourists travel to Thanjavur with the intention of bringing home décor and mementos to make the experience memorable.

Additionally, there is a great market for Thanjavur paintings worldwide! People from all around the world are drawn to this remarkable work of art.

Your next major project can involve creating an app, a website, or another major platform to sell artwork, paintings, or show-pieces made by your skilled group of artisans. Your clients are awaiting you at every turn.

The Handcraft industry in India is ruled by female artisans with over 56% of the whole artisan. The nation has 744 craftsmanship clusters utilizing about 212,000 artisans and advertising over 35,000 items.

6. Hostel for Students:

both is attend entry sheet

We have talked about how you can use the vibrant culture of this city to launch your own business. But aside from the cultural draw, Thanjavur appears to offer thousands of pupils the best education.

The Paddy A Processing Research Centre, nine engineering colleges, 15 arts, scientific, and business colleges, four major universities, and a medical college are all present.

These institutions offer top-notch instruction in a range of subjects, including engineering, linguistics, lexicography, translation studies, literature, the arts, dance, and drama, among others. Students from all across the nation and even abroad swarm here to study and conduct research!

Students and researchers will come and remain for a set period of time if you have an empty building they can rent from you at a reasonable fee.

The hostel trade is an ever-growing industry and even more so over the past 10 a long time. The worldwide hostels to advertise is anticipated to develop from $4.37 billion in 2020 to $5.2 billion in 2021 at a compound yearly growth rate (CAGR) of 19%.

7. Hospitality Services:

two Doctors is ready for opration

The burgeoning hospitality sector consistently makes a sizable profit. One of the main drivers of Thanjavur's economy is tourism. As a result, the hotel sector has to be secure and developed. Building a hotel would be the ideal next large-scale venture for you.

This requires a substantial investment that would grow exponentially over time. Such large corporations demand a marketing plan.  Investment has a significant impact on the hotel industry. Better infrastructure and services are supported by higher investment. The success of this sector depends on customer happiness. Create a memorable client experience to increase your consumer base.

8. Export and Import Business:

A very huge ship of exporter and importor

Despite agriculture being the primary sector, tourism and service-oriented industries are the main sources of employment for local residents. The "Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu" is Thanjavur.

The main crop is paddy (unmilled rice), and other crops including black gram, banana, coconut, gingelly, ragi, red gram, green gram, sugarcane, and maize are also farmed there. 58% of the total area is suitable for farming. Thanjavur produces enormous quantities of crops, fruits, and vegetables almost the entire year.

The market has a high demand for all crops. It would be advantageous to export these crops throughout India and to other nations. This business starts out slowly, but once you have a customer base, there is no looking back!

9. Opening a Polyclinic:

A professional is looking in the microscope

Doctors from various specialities visit and wait in a polyclinic for a set period of time. And individuals can go there to speak with a doctor about their issues. In India, speciality or polyclinic clinics are rapidly rising in popularity. Both big cities and rural towns have a high need for these clinics.

In India, the prevalence of lifestyle disorders like stress, infertility, and diabetes is rising quickly. So, instead of having major medical difficulties, urban residents visit the physician more frequently.

Furthermore, urban residents like going to a Trichology, Allergy, or Nephrocare facility over a super-specialized hospital that provides comparable treatments. due to the fact that everyone seeks specialized assistance for their health conditions. People receive medical care from specialists under one roof in a polyclinic. You must have modern infrastructure, responsible items, and esteemed medical professionals.

10. Opening a Fruit and Vegetable Store:

You might start a business that sells fresh fruits and vegetables in a certain location to avoid all the repercussions related to exporting crops! All the fruits and vegetables that come directly from the farms may be sold in your store.

You can grow your business by including common necessary foods like rice, sugar, and others in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables. How will your grocery store vary from the many other markets in the neighbourhood?

You can work with a company that sells fresh, uncanned fruits and vegetables. Given that no one could survive a day without these everyday necessities, this business requires a small investment and is guaranteed to succeed.

11. Opening a Store in a mall or buying a mall:

so many of shoes in the boxes

Although opening a store in a mall may take some time, you may complete the project if you do your homework and ask the right questions. Read some background material on the topic to get started.

Choose precisely the kind of store you want to open in the shopping center. To run the stores in the mall, you must apply for a business license and all necessary licenses.

Check your business strategy to see if you have a reasonable probability of succeeding. Analyze every component of the business plan. Assemble a sales team. Promote your business in every way you can. Spend as much money as you can to expand it. The best location to invest would be in a supermall, which consistently earns enormous sums of money.

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12. Marketing Specialist:

A mac book and a ipad

Every businessman nowadays is aware of the influence and impact of social media, according to a social media marketing strategist. One of the most efficient ways to sell your service and reach a wider audience is by networking and uploading a strong portfolio.

Each month, hundreds of pilgrims travel to Thanjavur. People search the internet for the city's top services prior to their trip. So maintaining a presence on social media is essential.

What, then, distinguishes your company from every other provider of the identical service on the search engine? There are some tactics that can only be planned out by a skilled social media marketing strategist. They are able to decipher the secrets of your lucrative company. In this market, you can create a business, operate as a loan service provider, or work independently.

13. Pharmacy:

many more medicine and capsule

Anywhere in the globe, a pharmacy or medical store would be a wise investment for the obvious reasons. Every person regularly consumes some kind of medication. Other pharmaceutical products outside medications, like masks and sanitary napkins, are regarded as daily necessities.

At your business, you have the option to create, manufacture, or just advertise pharmaceutical products. Additionally, many pharmacies offer basic medical treatments including tetanus shots and vaccinations. Patients may also contact a knowledgeable doctor there. This could be a small-scale business or a bigger one. No matter what it has proven to be successful in the longer run.

14. Eateries or Restaurants:

A ady is looking of food

Even tiny food-related business ventures are always a viable alternative. Maintain Tanjore's traditional cuisine while introducing new dishes to draw tourists. More people would visit if the food selection was diverse.

Health and cleanliness are the main concerns of individuals in the post-pandemic world. Maintaining these two would increase revenue. Adding rural traditional meals to your menu will help you stand out.

A restaurant's significant investment demands manual labor. As a result, you can create jobs that will boost the Indian economy because unemployment is a constant source of concern. You can invest in both small and large restaurants, depending on the size of your wallet, to make this business a sustainable one!

15. Garment Business:

two cloths and spex glass

A large demographic is drawn to the garment industry in addition to being a necessity. Opening a boutique with outstanding and unusual designs or a family clothes store that sells branded goods at all price points is another feasible yet conventional business venture that one can engage in.

The level of investment would determine the store's infrastructure. The infrastructure of the store would depend on the amount of investment. However, there are several instances of modest businesses that started out as failures and eventually became huge successes.

The key to success in business is to structure and plan each step. It continues because further investments are made with the earned profits. Running a clothes business is a certain way to achieve all of your goals once they are all in front of you.

16. A Private School:

A mom is teaching of his childs

A successful private school opening requires having a well-thought-out plan in place. It is a lucrative business. It is crucial to have a complete understanding about starting a school, knowledge of the paperwork needed, and a well-developed infrastructure.

You might think it's a challenging and time-consuming process, but in the end, you'll only get advantages. If you're considering investing your time and money in this venture, you must follow the general steps for starting a private school.

How do you launch a successful private school? Purchase a piece of land for the school first. Obtain government approval before starting the institution. Obtain any authorised board affiliation. 

17. Consultancy Services:

Two man is working in the laptop

Numerous opportunities are made available by Thanjavur's emphasis on industrialisation. In Thanjavur, new sectors and several small and large start-ups are regularly launching. In an industrial region, consulting services are constantly in demand.

For their businesses to be properly set up, new entrepreneurs require professional help. The most frequently requested consulting services are those in business management, accounting, law, marketing, finance, human resources, etc.

You create your own services and business. Although there are many consulting firms in Tanjore presently, your business can grow if you have a great portfolio, quick fixes, management abilities, and dedication. Networking and a potent marketing plan are essential for this firm. It can be your successful side business while working a full-time job.

18. IT Firm:

a Man is doing some work in computer

IT services are booming and full of prospects thanks to the development of the internet. A tech-savvy person's dream job would be to offer any kind of technical help. Website building, graphic design, mutual fund agent, data handling, social media administration, and logo creation are among the often requested IT services.

These services are needed by India's growing number of start-ups. This might be the basis for a new business idea if you don't mind spending time online. Only a reliable internet connection and a certain domain are needed for this enterprise. With time, it is discovered that IT services are very scalable and profitable. You can do it as a job full-time or as a side gig. The need for IT services increased globally.

19. Bakery: 

some delicious cakes in the bakery shop

Almost every happy social event, from weddings to birthdays, requires cake to support the celebration. Cake decorators are in high demand since everyone prefers individualised cakes. Customized cakes give the event a special meaning.

This is the time to launch a new business endeavour whether you have a passion for baking and cake arts or just want to provide a platform for cake artists and skilled bakers to showcase their talents. To reach more customers, develop a powerful Instagram profile and utilise Instagram marketing to the most.

Additionally, taking baking classes might be beneficial for exploring new opportunities and enhancing the flavours of your company. Bakery goods are highly valuable in terms of production and are worth your attention.

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20. Starting a Publishing House: 

A Empty house tent

A city with so many prestigious schools and universities experiences a steady need for books across numerous subject areas. Starting a publishing house in this area would be a thrilling and successful business enterprise. In a place like this, any compilation of previous years' questions or a book on medicine, law, literature, or engineering would become a big seller. You can do the following:

1. Establish goals for your publishing business.

2. Decide on a corporate structure

3. Decide on a company name

4. Establish an accounting procedure.

5. Establish a business website.

You can use the internet (especially websites like The Fynd Platform) to set up all these.

21. Coaching Center:

Teacher is teaching in the class room

Students who want to apply for government positions or take the NEET, JEE, CAT, or NET exams need to pay special attention to their preparations. Many businesses employ capable teachers to give each student individualised assistance as they navigate these challenging exams.

Building a coaching centre would be a possible alternative if you have knowledge in a certain field and can locate a group of academics who are as passionate about mentoring as you are. Once the pupils reach their objectives, teaching is always a rewarding profession.

Develop your career by advancing a young person. These areas yield both material and psychological rewards. If you want to spread your brand over the entire nation, these educational institutions must have a strong social media presence.

22. Event Managing Business:

So many chairs is neat and clean

Numerous corporate sectors constantly require different types of events. Any type of celebration, whether it be for business, social, or other reasons, requires an event organiser who can handle the details. Nowadays, the majority of events have a theme. Most customers don't want to handle the stress of hosting and decorating.

You and your team will handle the entire event in your capacity as an event manager. You need to have an eye for design if you want to plan events successfully. Your accomplishments will establish your reputation in this field.

Social networking can be a useful forum for showcasing your abilities. With this business, you may start making other people's celebrations unforgettable and satisfy your own creative demands. The field of event management is expanding. 

23. Interior Designing:

There are many computers and tables

Creativity is necessary for the profession of interior design. Interior design may be a viable option if you have the desire to launch your business while also enjoying creativity and innovation. It would be advantageous for you to offer a plan, a gadget, and installation all in one package.

No matter how big or small, everyone wants to design their home in the most lovely way possible. To increase the value of your brand, you can offer personalized décor at a reasonable price.

Clients will start flooding in if you only establish an attractive profile and use social media channels to showcase your ideas. To build a more successful company, you can assemble a qualified workforce. It's vital to be imaginative and distinctive while designing an interior.

24. Freelancing: 

A Man is working in the laptop

In recent years, a lot of young people have investigated their options in the freelance market. There are no limitations like those in 9 to 5 employment. Everything is subject to your priorities and time constraints.

Depending on how much work, how much time, how many projects, and how much money you want to make, you want to do, the freelance business adjusts to meet your needs. Services like content development, copywriting, digital marketing, graphic design, proofreading, or your own original content creation on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

would all fall under the umbrella term "freelancing."Anyone can start their freelance career at any time, regardless of whether they are a full-time student, employee, housewife, or someone else. 

25. Automobile Industry:

lots car parked in parking area

The auto business is an obvious choice for your upcoming major undertaking. Thanjavur has a populace and industrial base that are both sufficient for your company enterprise to succeed.

The auto industry has several subsets, including auto body shops and manufacturing, tyre shops and manufacturing, interior design shops and manufacturing, vehicle washes, businesses that refurbish batteries, shops that sell and manufacture various automotive accessories, and even driving schools.

You can choose a certain niche and go to work on your new venture. Any branch of the automotive industry can be successful if handled carefully and managed well. Once again, the automobile industry depends on significant investment and takes time for people to get familiar with and trust it. This sector has consistently been a bankable name.


Thanjavur is a bustling town that offers you the chance to express your creativity. Businesses might be tiny or large, but even modest efforts count. Startups are essential to India's future. "Be the boss" is the guiding principle for Indian youth.

Businesses can help the Indian economy recover in the post-pandemic world. The Indian government is also promoting youth entrepreneurship. For further details, visit

25 good suggestions for new projects have been provided, but there are many more. You can select your niche in that manner. On the Fynd platform, you can discover additional business-related concepts. To expand your perspective on business, read more articles.


How to be prosperous in business?

Starting a business takes time and effort. Perseverance and deliberate planning are necessary. It might succeed by identifying your speciality, assembling a team, organising every stage, networking, and marketing.

Will the Fynd Platform keep track of the quantity of my product sales?

Yes! The Fynd platform is a dependable helper for all of your company requirements.

Is it required that small businesses have an online presence?

arrow down

A stagnant idea is not what business is. It requires ongoing development, adjustment, and expansion. The foundation of your business is strengthened by having a robust social media presence.

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