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51+ Top Business Ideas in Nagpur for 2023 in Less Investment

51+ Top Business Ideas in Nagpur for 2023 in Less Investment

Nagpur is among Maharashtra's three most important cities. It has been named one of the most innovative cities in Maharashtra. Nagpur has also been named one of the finest cities for liability, healthcare, public transportation, and greenery.

The city is renowned as the "Orange City" since it is the main trading center for oranges grown in the area. Here we have listed Top Business Ideas in Nagpur which can be started with fewer investments.

Tourists flock to it for its appealing retail attractions and cultural heritage. Thousands of visitors visit the city each day to have a good shopping experience. Nagpur has numerous shopping areas where you may get the finest prices.

Several places provide a fantastic assortment of apparel, accessories, bakeries, sweets, pastries, fashion houses, footwear, retail, local artisans, and many more to count on when it comes to sari stores or apparel stores.

If you are looking for ideas to start a small business in Nagpur city, you have come to the right source. Below are some ideas you can opt out of, and you can even use the Fynd platform to make your business go online.

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Small Business Ideas

Great business ideas appropriately implemented can result in large-scale ventures that generate millions of dollars in annual profit. Someone who wants to establish their own business will need adequate strategy and sufficient funds to get started.

This does not rule out the possibility of starting a business on a shoestring budget. Here is a list of specific business ideas that you can use to start a small business with a small budget.

1. Online Blogging

Someone Is Watching Images in Mobile Phone

In today's world, this is the ideal way to make money while working from home and working on your schedule. Starting this business is relatively low, as is the cost of registering the website's domain. If you don't want to pay for hosting, you can build a blog with Google Blogger.

There are numerous blog templates available. With this, you may begin writing. As your site grows in popularity, you will need more ideas. To understand how to construct a website, you must start making a website.

2. Recruitment Firm

People are Working in Office

This is yet another great idea, especially if you are in a city like Nagpur, which is facing a boom related to startups and, most importantly, employment. A recruitment firm is a business that employs young people in their respective disciplines.

If you're considering starting a business like this, you'll need to expand your network. Many organizations nowadays pay this type of firm a percentage of the candidate's salary to hire the best individual for themselves.

3. Grocery Store

A Girl is Buying Pineapple From Grocery Store With Trolley

A convenience store could be opened in a tiny space, even with only a few things. If there are few stores in your area or you have to travel a long distance to buy items in the market, you can start to earn money by creating a small convenience store in your home. This is the most cost-effective way to conduct business.

4. Educational Services

Teachers Are Teaching Students in Classroom

You can establish a business based on your educational credentials. You can open a small-scale tuition business if you can teach different things to different pupils. You can teach English, music, cooking, clothing, design, or anything else.

Giving home tuition and taking online programmers will allow you to supplement your income. Teaching and spreading their skills and knowledge can be a great way to generate money while staying home.

For example, you can assist the children in your neighborhood by teaching them and addressing their concerns about tough subjects. You can even go online tutoring; they are becoming popular because of the pandemic. Even a startup in Assam, Digital Ant, provides an e-learning platform for skill development.

5. Invest in Cold Storage

A View of Empty Cold Storage

Every home needs cold storage, just as every home has a refrigerator to preserve items from spoiling. Numerous such goods require storage and are purchased in large quantities.

If you have a small room in your house or elsewhere in your shop, you can set up cold storage and rent it out in this circumstance. It does not take a significant investment, and you can earn a substantial sum while sitting at home.

6. Event Management

Decorative Tables and Chairs At Event Centre

Another industry that involves a great deal of coordination, hard labor, and multitasking is event organizing. This is the top business in Nagpur that you can rely on. You can choose from a wide range of small business concepts in Nagpur.

You can begin wedding planning to assist the bride and groom in dressing for the occasion or getting ready for the ceremony.

You also can plan the dates, handle the budget, and enlist the help of family from both the bride's and groom's sides to do something entertaining. You can also specialize in catering, corporate meetings, product releases, business parties, and other events.

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7. Packaging Business

Some One is Packaging Goods in Box

It is claimed that the worth of the present, not the giver's intent, is seen. However, nowadays, there are a variety of gifts on the market with attractive packaging that people are drawn to. This is the specialty of some artists, and if you have this expertise, you may start a packaging business from the comfort of your home with little to no cost.

8. Print and Sell Mugs

A Printed Mug Quoted With "Mountains"

People are passionate about art, so it has been customary for them to display it in small ways. Mugs of wide varieties can be found in houses. If you know how printing is done and what you can learn about it, you can accomplish mug printing work while sitting's work can be begun with a small online and offline investment.

9. Mask-Making Business

A women giving mask to her child.

The most important and urgent requirement of our time is a mask. Now that shows have become a requirement, and everyone needs to have a variety of acts. In such a case, who would want to avoid buying decent covers from the comfort of their own home?

You may generate revenue by making the best masks at home with little cost and selling them locally in the market or online from the comfort of your own home. Although the shows are not mandatory, they have become a style symbol today, and many people still want to buy them.

10. Designing

Designing Paper are Display on Desk With Scale and Pencils

You should try such side hustle ideas if you have specific skills in the internet, home, or graphic design. Different types of designers are required at different periods in various businesses. You can design projects for children and publish them on the internet to earn fame.

Your designing skills can be used to make art based on your professional abilities. And this would be one of the most significant business concepts in Nagpur because you will have a lot of spare time once you finish creating, which you can use to focus on essential tasks.

11. Food Truck Business

Giani's Food Truck Are Standing At Roadside

People who enjoy cooking or experimenting with cuisine sometimes fantasize about opening their restaurant. However, not everyone can pay such a significant investment until they are fortunate enough to receive funding early on. Don't be discouraged, though.

If you're short on cash, starting a catering business may be one of the best low-cost business ideas. You only need to make the initial investment to purchase a food truck. A catering business is also an excellent approach to determining whether or not people like your food. And if you're lucky enough to have a positive response, consider turning your food truck into a restaurant.

12. Open a Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop View with Hanging Lights, Customers Are Drinking Coffee and Chefs Are Making Coffee

The coffee business has experienced a remarkable expansion in recent years. People used to go to coffee cafes to spend time with loved ones. However, people are now holding official meetings there.

If you consider yourself a "coffeeholic," turn your passion for the beverage into a lucrative business. When it concerns coffee house menu design, unique cups and atmosphere are significant. For menu design, seek the assistance of graphic designers.

13. Bakery Store

Bread Flour

One of the most profitable home-based enterprises today is starting a bakery. If you love baking and can create delicious and visually fantastic food, this may be one of the best business ideas for you. You might also form a partnership with a retailer to sell your product in the market.

14. Home Delivery of Food

A Delivery Guy is Delivering Food to a Person

You may have enjoyed making meals and bringing them to work for many years. Food delivery services have grown in popularity due to today's hectic schedules. People are looking for home-cooked cuisine online and signing up for monthly or yearly memberships.

If you want to start your own business in the food market, this is one of the best business ideas. You can begin with a simple menu and a suitable delivery boy in the early stages. If all goes well, expand it to a larger scale. Like, Tullika Batra started PicknDel, a food delivery app in Assam, which gives users accessibility to order food.

15. Manufacture and Sell Papads /Pickles


Our old civilization's staples are Papad and pickle. These days, many individuals prepare delicious papads and fixes at home. If you have the skill, you may make millions of dollars by creating your papads and jams and distributing them in the market.

16. Making Paper Bags

Two Paper Bags

Because polythene is dangerous to our environment, people are gradually switching to paper bags. You can start a paper bag-making business from your home by investing in a few machines. The most appealing aspect of this venture is that it does not necessitate extensive knowledge or capital.

17. Home Decoration

A Room View With Home Decoration That How it Look Likes

Home decoration has been fashionable in recent years. People used to decorate their homes in the past; nowadays, new objects are purchased and brought in through the market for decoration.

Suppose you have an art that allows you to create new decorating items from old goods or other materials. In that case, you can start a business manufacturing decoration items from the comfort of your home with minimal cost.

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18. Tailoring Business

Tailor is Operating Tailoring Machine

According to legend, a skilled artist could never go hungry; however, if you know how to run a machine and cut and alter clothing, you can open a tailoring store in a little section of your home.

Business can be started at home for as little as 5 to 7 thousand rupees by purchasing a tailoring machine, from which you can generate lakhs of rupees by progressively developing it.

19. Online Kirana Store

A View of Kirana Store with Kirana's Keeper

This is the most excellent business idea for you if you want to start an online Kirana Shop (Kirana or Grocery Store). Nowadays, everyone wants someone to deliver the products they need for their home. The benefit is that you can maintain a small quantity of the same.

20. Insurance Brokerage

Insurance Agent is Explaining Policy to Old People

In today's world, healthcare has become a critical requirement for most people. As a result, many large corporations engage brokers to obtain insurance for their employees.

As a result, you may close the agent and open your own insurance business at no cost but with a commission equal to what the insurance company receives on your behalf.

21. Festival Gift Business

Different Types of Color Shopping Bags With Small Trolley

If there are festivals but no gifts, the celebrations will die out. In this circumstance, consider starting a festival gift business where you must select several events and facilities related to them while spending very little money, which people enjoy giving to one another. People would like your idea if your gift ID is very distinctive; in this case, you will become famous quickly and begin making lakhs.

22. Photocopy Shop

A Woman Make a Photocopy with using Xerox machine

This is a low-cost, high-profit enterprise. A photocopy machine is required in this business. You only need to invest in this. After that, you will only make money. Children and office workers want photocopies of their documents daily; therefore, when you do business with this item, you will reap significant benefits.

23. Financial Planning Services

A Man Explaining Financial Planning To Their Customers

Many people have money, but they don't know where to invest it or how to grow it. If you have any financial understanding, you can establish a successful business by providing financial planning services. This business does not require any capital.

24. Beauty and Spa Business

A Women Taking Beauty and Spa Services at Salon

You can start your fantastic beauty and spa with much less expenditure by renting a shop if you have any space in and around the house or skills related to beauty. It is simple to earn thousands of dollars from there.

25. Game Store

A Guy Playing Bowling Game at Gaming Zone

You've probably noticed how much children enjoy gaming, so their parents don't enable them to play on mobile devices such as smartphones or computers. Because children are looking for a place to play the game, you could access a gaming store in your home or near your residence where kids can come and play.
You'll need some gaming gadgets for that store, which are available for rent.

26. Accounting Services

Laptop, Pen & Paper are on Desk Table

Managing income and spending, processing payrolls, and filing tax returns for company clients are part of a bookkeeping service. This is the finest small way to start a business if you know to account or have expertise and skills in bookkeeping. Small companies need more time or resources to establish and maintain bookkeeping systems.

You can make a lot of money by supplying them with bookkeeping services. Getting a team of seasoned specialists is vital because the business involves handling sensitive data. "This little company concept can be quite profitable these days if managed or handled properly."

27. Website Development

Web Code is Running in Laptop Along With Calculator

In today's digital environment, it's common to come across a company with its website. Businesses must now have an online presence, even if it is only a one-page website.

Companies constantly change their website design to appear fresh and attractive. Starting a website design firm may be the ideal option if you have all the necessary talents. You may have many clients but just a few professionals to suit their needs.

That's one of the small-scale business ideas that has shown to be successful for many people. Rakesh Doley and Pankaj Gogoi founded a web development company in Assam, Redlemon Communications.

28. Digital Advertising

Someone is Watching Images in Tablet

The business world has gone digital. For today's enterprises, having an internet presence is a must. Compared to conventional marketing, digital marketing enables businesses to engage with their target audiences worldwide. Digital marketing services are in such high demand that they may be the cheapest way to start a business.

It would help if you had a team of specialists and a location to launch your firm. You must create a persuasive presentation and a website with appealing information to attract clients for your business. Do you require a presentation design? Get it right now.

You can also go to the most excellent website to purchase Instagram followers. These websites or digital organizations assist businesses in increasing their social media following.

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29. Trading in Currencies

Currencies, Dairy, Pen and Calculator are on Desk

Currency trading is a lucrative and exciting small business opportunity. This is the perfect business for someone strong with figures, eager to work long hours, and willing to take significant risks.

30. Yoga Studio 

Two Women Are Doing Yoga at Studio

Yoga has gained popularity as a wellness science and art. Yoga asanas have piqued the curiosity of people worldwide seeking a cure for physical and mental ailments. Starting a yoga studio might be a simple business to get into.

If you master all of the moves, you have a good chance of succeeding in this industry. You must also develop unique ways to set your company apart from the competition.

31. Agency for Content Creation

People Are Working in Office

Creating appealing and creative content has become one of the significant problems for businesses these days. Rather than relying on a single professional, they have begun to enlist the help of content curation organizations. If you are a good writer, consider it one of the finest businesses to start in 2023.

You must develop high-quality content with your own business as a content marketer to grab the attention of your target clients. You can use any method to disseminate material, such as movies, infographics, websites, blogs, etc.

32. Interior Designer

A Room View with Interior Designing

It's one of the most inventive business concepts for starting your entrepreneurial career. Interior design is becoming increasingly popular. Individuals have begun to examine new business opportunities in this segment because the market has become so competitive and flourishing.

There are several areas to specialize in when it comes to interior design. Among them are residential projects, workplace projects, commercial development, and so on.

33. Make-up Artist 

Make-up artist Do a Make-up on Girl Face

Corporations from all over the world have created unique cosmetic products that have given males, and females alike increased confidence. One of the most profitable home-based enterprises nowadays is make-up artistry.

It is the most profitable business because it offers flexibility and resilience to recessions and non-seasonal markets. This might be the company for you if you know how to work miracles with powders, lipsticks, and shadows.

34. Dance Studio

People Are Practicing Dance At Dance Studio

People of all ages are becoming more interested in taking dance courses as the popularity of dance television shows grows. You could create a dance studio with a commercial location that can be converted into a few lesson rooms and a more significant performance area.

You also can rent it to aspiring Youtubers that know how to dance but need a location to film.

35. Gift-wrapping Service

Someone Presenting Wrapping Gifts in Bags

Nowadays, the presentation of a gift, like that of an estate, is essential. Today, expressions are used in the workplace and other businesses, such as food and presents. Many people have been able to set up a business at home with little initial investment.

If you are an artistic person who enjoys combining bright ribbons, papers, flowers, and other items, this could be a good company for you.

36. Business of Travel Planning

A Girl Is Walking With Trolley Bag at Outside of the Airport

Folks are looking for alternative offers and strategies to save money as the cost of travel increases. You can start an online trip planner business if you know where to discover fantastic bargains on rental cars, hotel rooms, or airline tickets.

This business has a relatively low start-up cost when compared to other enterprises. Even if you are employed by an organization and want to set up a business without losing your job, this is one of the top business ideas.

37. Boutique of Clothes

Shirts Are Hanging in Hangers At Clothing Store

There are those with a keen sense of fashion, who can mix and match patterns to create unique looks, and who can make anyone appear excellent on any occasion if this sounds like you, consider turning your interest in fashion into a business.

Before launching a clothes boutique, just like every other business, you'll need a solid business strategy, the correct location, and well-trained employees. Create a list of suppliers while setting up the boutique and begin marketing your business ahead of time.

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38. Affiliate Marketing

Keyboard, Cup of Coffee and Mobile Phone Are on Desk

Because many stores have launched online recently, not everyone can access them. It does, however, locate some people who assist them in his business. Affiliate marketing is the name of the company.

We distribute their items over social media handles, websites, or WhatsApp, for which we receive a percentage fee, for which we will not have to invest even one dollar.

39. Making Incense Sticks and Candles

A Man Putting Incense Sicks to Stand in Decorative Pooja Thali

If you can create something new and produce goods like incense sticks and candles at home, you can start this business by purchasing essential supplies. You can make much money with a tiny investment in this business.

40. Online Book Store

People Are Purchasing a Books from Book Store

People enjoy reading books and novels, which is why there is an online bookstore. They may request a lot of books online or prefer reading books online. You can make money if you start offering internet services in your bookstore. You can provide books to people at their homes or develop your internet app. People could buy books through your bookstore or read online from here.

41. Furniture Upcycling Business

Upcycling Furniture Are Displaying in The Backside of Yard

The upcycle furniture company is repurposing old furniture to create something unique. If you have buried art inside you, now is the moment to bring it out and turn it into a business where you will not have to invest because you are preparing a new thing and making it accessible to the public.

Show her in front of the camera; she will gradually become renowned, and you will soon have a million-dollar business.

42. Women's Gym

Women's Are Doing Exercise At Women's Gym

Because every other woman's weight has increased in recent years, women's gyms are a great notion. Because women may start a gym with fewer machines, this only requires a few virtual machines. As a result, women's gym investment is lower than men.

43. Food Court

Giani's Food Court on Wheel Are Standing At Roadside

No one has enough time these days. That is why, rather than eating at a hotel or restaurant, many people choose to order food from home. So, in today's world, this is the best business idea.

44. Training Institute

People Are Taking Training From Trainers At Training Institute

In a training institute, one can provide people with any training. You can train employees by keeping them on a commission basis or paying them a salary if you hire good trainers. You must have room for this task; no expenditure is necessary.

45. Jewlery Design

Pink Bangles With Designing Stones and Diamonds

Because it is no longer acceptable to wear gold jewelry in today's world, an epoch of artificial jewelry has emerged, prompting individuals to seek new designs. If you have innovative design jewelry ideas, you can do jewelry-producing labor for less money.

46. Real Estate Consulting

Office View

The more a person earns, the more he spends, and property investment is the most profitable deal. If a consumer buys his property with the assistance of a real estate firm, he will purchase the land for that real estate firm.

1% or 2% of the purchase price is paid. This is a substantial sum. The best aspect is that starting a real estate business requires very little capital.

  Fynd platform banner for free demo

47. Online Marketing

Keyboard, Cup of Coffee, and Mobile Phone Displaying Online Marketing

By internet marketing, I mean any item sold online, such as women's wear, groceries, clothing, or anything else. The benefit is that you shouldn't have to keep any inventory. After receiving the order, anyone can take the item and resell it. You avoid making significant investments this way.

48. Build your Nursery

Someone Is Roping a Plant in a Pot At Nursery

If you enjoy gardening and caring for your plants, you may start a home nursery by cultivating various plants. You can sell such plants on the market by depositing their seeds in that nursery and getting a reasonable price while sitting at home.

49. Chocolate Making

Bowl Different Types of  Chocolates

In today's world, chocolate is used in various ways. Everyone, whether youngsters or adults, enjoys chocolate and uses it in multiple ways.

If you're the one with whom you can make various sorts of chocolates or foods, you can start a chocolate-making business at home that you can run offline and online by doing something unique.

50. Data Entering Business

Laptop, Pen and Diary are on Desk

Data entry can be performed from the comfort of your home using a laptop or phone. Several websites today provide data entry employment to students and homemakers sitting at home.

Data input employment pays the ladies and children of the home thousands of rupees per month. This business requires little investment other than time, yet the profits are substantial.

51. Become a YouTuber

Display YouTube Logo in Mobile Phone

You can upload films and upload these to YouTube if you can do so. Creating a YouTube channel is completely free. If you make some of the best and most popular videos, you can gain millions of subscribers just by sitting at home.

52. Homestay Services

Sea View From Tent House at Beach

Hotel costs have skyrocketed in recent years. Individuals may need help finding a hotel at a reasonable price during peak seasons. The scenario has fueled the growth of the homestay industry.

Unlike in the past, when people would plan a big vacation once or twice a year, they now arrange weekends or short holidays throughout the year to calm their minds and take a break from their everyday routine.

If you have a location (with all of the necessary amenities) where you can provide lodging to travelers, this could be a terrific side business idea for you. This is a business where you can make a lot of money.

53. Others

  • You can opt to deliver medicines online, just like Dawai Lo, a startup founded by Pankaj Maheshwari and Abhimanyu Modi in Assam.
  • If you are an expert with IT services, try opting for a business that utilizes those skills.
  • Today, agriculture also has a broad spectrum; you can opt for the agriculture business.
  • Another good example can be taking a franchisee and starting to work on it.
  • The most common small business idea is tiffin service; it will work in a city like Nagpur.


The decision to start up a business is entirely personal. There are many alternative options, but finding small business ideas that offer better earnings can take time and effort. So, pick a passion from the list above and make your dream a reality.

And if you're thinking of starting an online business or taking your existing business online, Fynd Platform is the best for you. It is a one-stop retail management tool that effectively helps every interaction to be online.

  • Fynd has even outperformed Shopify and other related platforms in various categories. Whether email marketing or payment gateways, it is ahead of its competitors. 

Which small businesses are the most successful?

Any firm that is run in a planned manner is a successful business.

What is the best way to start a small business with very little money?

Even if you've a limited budget, there are several small business alternatives that can help you generate a lot of money both online and off.

What is the most straightforward business to start?

arrow down

If you're a first-time entrepreneur, a provider business may be the most straightforward alternative. A service company can be of any form, but it requires skill, labor, or knowledge to operate.

What are some low-cost enterprises that can be started from home?

Starting a business from home is dependent on your abilities. You can open a business doing anything you're good at and turn it into a source of income.

What is the cheapest way to establish an online business?

Blogging, website design, data entry, online advertising, youtube channel, dropshipping, recruiting firm, and other similar businesses can all be started online.

Which business is the most profitable?

The most lucrative enterprises can be determined by the manner a person conducts business. As a result, determining which firm is lucrative is challenging. Planning ahead and executing according to it may make any business lucrative.

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