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27 Business Ideas In Bidhannagar For 2023 (Low Investment High Profit)

27 Business Ideas In Bidhannagar For 2023 (Low Investment High Profit)

In Bidhannagar, there are numerous business opportunities and options. It is an ideal city for anyone to start a small business because it has become one of Kolkata's IT hubs.

Bidhannagar, also known as a salt lake city, is a city in West Bengal's great Kolkata region. It is made up of sub-areas such as Rajarhat and Salt Lake, which were also designed and constructed to accommodate Kolkata's growing population. Kolkata's main source of income is from manufacturing industries, as well as financial and trade activities. So Bidhannagar's contribution to GDP is significant.

In Bidhannagar, there are numerous business opportunities. Because it is a planned satellite city, the opportunities for starting an IT-related small business or any financial business, as well as hotels and restaurants, will be excellent. So you are here because…

  • You want to start a new business in Bidhannagar.
  • You want to know about business statistics in Bidhannagar.
  • You want to earn more with less investment.

You are on the right site, you can generate more business ideas on the Fynd Platform. This article will discuss numerous scalable and long-term business ideas in Bidhannagar that will help you succeed in your business career.

Statistic Table

The economy of the State/City 1. infrastructure 2. Salt lake 3. IT Hub (MNCs)
 Contribution to Country and State  IT hub of Kolkata, Salt lake, and great infrastructure
Total Population  215,514 
Name of Successful Business owners/Companies/Factories in City /State.  1. Silver sand 2. Somani Realtors 3. Annapurna 4. Grocery Market

Entrepreneur's Story

LinkedIn recognizes over 300 writers each year by creating a list referred to as the "LinkedIn Top Voices."  Sumit Agrawal, who was born with cerebral palsy and has 70% movement restriction, was named a LinkedIn Top Voice.

As he grew older, his mother left her prominent legal career to fight for his survival. His parents made incredible sacrifices for him despite the fact that they could have chosen not to. He had to undergo four surgeries.

When it came to becoming self-sufficient and a working professional, the stereotype and discriminatory nature of the interviewers prevented him from getting any jobs, despite his 9.05 CGPA. These rejections, however, could not break his spirit. He chose to be a job creator rather than a job seeker.

His LinkedIn posts usually feature issues related to diversity and inclusion, an issue that is very close to his heart, and sketches of people who empower others through their work as an entrepreneur with a disability from Bidhannagar, Kolkata.

His unique approach to engaging people and empowering them to work toward a more diverse and inclusive society has gotten him a lot of attention, and he was named a LinkedIn Top Voice 2022 for his work in the field of Job Search and Career.

He wants to reach out to people with disabilities through his story, his company, and his success. Reach out to them by showing, telling, and promising them that it is possible.

Business Ideas In Bidhannagar

Lets start with the some points of business ideas in bidhannagar

1. Garden-Care Specialist In Bidhannagar

a lady planting a plants

One of the best stress-relieving activities is gardening. If you have extensive knowledge and want to take your skills to the next level by teaching others, you can begin your own gardening business.

It's a traditional hobby that can be turned into a profitable small-scale business. It's also a very simple small-scale business concept that you can launch from the convenience of your own residence.

Your spare time, the range of services you can provide, and, of course, the amount of funds you can invest will all influence the size of your company. If you put in some effort to learn the steps to establishing a company in the beginning, you will most almost certainly end up with an extremely successful small-scale company that will reward you for many years.

Because Bidhannagar is one of the smart cities in West Bengal, there are numerous opportunities for this business, as everyone from the middle to upper classes enjoys gardening.

2. Visual Designer

A lady id visual designer

Graphic design is an excellent career choice for people who enjoy art, technology, and communication. Because design is required in every industry, Graphic Designers have numerous opportunities to work on a variety of new and innovative projects. It can also be a very rewarding profession because you can see the real-world impact of your work.

Start connecting with people who require visual designers as soon as possible. So, when you start your own business, you can make it successful in a matter of months. Later on, you can expand your business into UX and UI as well.

Because Bidhannagar is Kolkata's IT hub, starting a visual design business is a great idea. This business has a lot of potential because you can collaborate with individuals from all over the world.

3. Mustard Oil Production

A Mustard Oil Production factory shown in image

World consumption of mustard oil is rising. According to COOIT data, mustard seed manufacturing is expected to reach 109.5 lakh tonnes in 2021-22. The area covered is estimated to be 87.44 lakh hectares, with an average yield of 1,270 kg per hectare.

West Bengal is a major producer of mustard. In Bidhannagar, starting a mustard oil business on a small scale is a good idea. You can get mustard from a farmer, and you can even start making organic mustard oil by contacting a farmer who grows organic mustard.

Because organic food products are in high demand these days, if you can start a business in this area, you will undoubtedly attract a crowd. You will undoubtedly grow in this business in the future.

4. Cultural Store

A Cultural Store shown in image

The Government of India is providing a lot of support to small businesses that want to start culture-related small businesses in order to preserve our culture, art, and regional culture.

The culture of West Bengal is very rich and deep. Starting a cultural store where you sell Bengalis traditional dresses also dresses for Gaudiya Nritya, goods for Durga pooja, and every other cultural home decor that will be a good starting point. You can also sell cultural books and look for rare books to sell. Book lovers will undoubtedly enjoy it. You can choose to sell any of these items or all of them.

Not only the locals but also visitors will want to purchase cultural items as a souvenir. As a result, your small business can expand over time. You can also start this as a side business.

5. Bengali Sweet Store In Bidhannagar

many sweet shown in image

Who doesn't enjoy eating sweets? Everyone, from children to adults, enjoys sweets, and Bengali sweets, particularly rasgulla, are particularly popular. If you like making sweets, Make your hobby of making sweets into a business.

Citizens will buy sweets no matter where they are as long as they are tasty and hygiene has been handled. You can also make different varieties by using your cooking creativity to create new types of your own sweets.

Bengali sweets are famous around the world, but most people never once have tasted an authentic Bengali sweet or visited Kolkata. You can capitalize on this fact by directly delivering these delicacies to their homes via an online store.

You can also collaborate with other sweet sellers.You would have an investment model that would scale quickly if you launched an online store. As a result, you can have fun while also earning money.

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6. Fitness Trainer

A man doing pushup at in fitness center

If you are a gym trainer or fitness trainer, or if you have a fitness trainer certificate or degree, and you are unhappy with your earnings. This is your chance. If you have the necessary knowledge in the health field, you could consider launching your own brand as a personal trainer.

People are becoming more health conscious and hiring fitness trainers to stay fit. After the implementation of COVID-19, most employees prefer to work from home. It is critical to take care of your health even if you do not move much during the day. So, by tailoring your diet to your clients' lifestyles and encouraging them to exercise regularly, you can expand your business.

Instead of working as an employee, you can also provide personal training services to clients at their homes, or you can partner with a gym or a chain of gyms to provide your services.

7. Classical Music Trainer

A lady teaching kid to music

Indian classical music takes many forms, and it is the soul of India's cultural spirit.Bengalis are talented in so many fields because they have been thoroughly trained in at least one art form since a young age.

Even if you are not Bengali but live in Bidhannagar, if you know Bengali classical music such as Baul, Ramprasadi, Bishnupuri Classical, Kirtan, Shyama Sangeet, Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti, Patua Sangeet, Dwijendrageeti, Prabhat Samgiita, Agamani-Vijaya, Gambhira and want to start a new or side business, this is the place to be.You will gain more students if you begin teaching your students in a specific genre and different ragas.

Classical music is gaining popularity these days. As a result, you can start your own classes or training center. You could also offer online coaching on it. When your training center has grown in size, you can hire coaches.

8. Musical Instrument Store

A girl playing music

A music store introduces people to the world of music by teaching them how to play one or more instruments. If you don't know how to play all the instruments but have a basic understanding of them, you can start selling them. You can also advise clients on what to buy based on their needs.

A diverse product mix that includes student band instruments, guitars, and percussion instruments for practising musicians, as well as microphones and other performance-related products, is possible.

You can also sell Indian classical music instruments such as sitar, sarod, tambura, shehnai, sarangi, and tabla. Independent musical instrument stores face fierce competition from big-box stores that supply low-cost instruments, as well as other leisure pursuits that take up potential customers' time.

A knowledgeable and approachable retailer who offers quality products, cultivates customer relationships, and transforms his store into a hub of musical activity has the best chance of success. 

9. Marriage Planning In Bidhannagar

2 people marriaging

Weddings will never be out of style. There's always a market for weddings, whether the economy is flourishing or in a slump. To make matters worse, weddings range from "big fat Indian weddings" to intimate gatherings.

To put this in context, the Indian wedding market is expected to be worth around 62,000 crores by 2022, and it is growing at a rate of 20% per year. This presents a tremendous opportunity for wedding planners who can ensure that wedding themes, planners, decorators, and caterers are in place and that the entire wedding ceremony is meticulously planned and organized.

It necessitates an initial capital expenditure for staff, logistics, and arrangements, for which a variety of small business financing options are available. While the original investment is low, the returns on investment are substantial as the business grows.

10. Gauidiya Nritya Class 

 many student sit on ground

Gaudiya nritya is a traditional Bengali dance. The word came from Gauda was also known as Gaur, and it is also considered Indian classical dance by the Ministry of Culture. It is not recognized by the Sangeet Natak Akademi, but it is eligible for scholarships from the Ministry of Culture of India.

Of course, many young people will want to learn Gauda Nritya, and if you know how to do it, you can start your own classes by teaching them from basics to experts and providing them with traditional dance history.

You don't need to invest anything at first, and you can even teach your students at home if you have enough space. Once you start making money, you can get your own space dedicated to classes and make it big.

11. Property For Rent

A lady selling his property

If you don't have any money to invest but own a property that you don't use, you can rent it out. Yes, you do not have to become an investor or a broker; simply rent out your owned property.

If you own a house or even a room in Bidhannagar, you can easily rent it out because the city is known as Kolkata's IT hub. Many people would come from outside the city or state for a job and would require housing. Renting a property is thus a profitable business.

You can also lease a farmhouse or an agricultural lane if you own one. Nowadays, families want to spend quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can rent your farmhouse by the hour for the weekend. This is a very simple way to make money without much effort.

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12. Nail Salon

A lady painting nail polish

Everyone wants to look beautiful. The beauty industry is constantly finding new points of focus, and one such trend that has stuck is the nail trend. If you are a housewife, looking for a way to earn money, if you are artistic, learn the basics of nail art and get started in this business.

This trend began with manicured/pedicured nails and quickly progressed to fake nails, gel paints, nail art, and a variety of other things. Nail art is popular for weddings, events, baby showers, and photoshoots.

Even college-aged girls enjoy applying gel polish on a regular basis. Start this business, learn most art forms and grow in it. You can do this from your home without any worry. You, too, can leverage on this trend and make a fortune.

13. Textile Shop

A man seeing thread in machine

For many years, Kolkata served as the nation's center for the production of cotton textiles. Currently, India's textile sector makes up 2% of its GDP and 15% of its export revenue. Creating a textile unit business entails offering various textiles to the garment and fashion industries.

The production should be at a location where there is a need, and the store should be close to both. You can also collaborate with a well-established company. The cost of operating a textile company is critical. However, likewise is the demand for both skilled and unskilled labor. The larger the workforce, the more likely it is to produce high-quality products. You could profit handsomely.

It is a significant manufacturer of jute textiles due to the abundance of jute as a raw material. A textile unit might be established in the nation with great potential.  Open a textile business in Kolkata to capitalize on the opportunity.

14. Service For Career Counselling

A  man using laptop

When you consider your career, you consider joining an evergreen industry that is brimming with opportunities, career search, good pay, and more. Many individuals have recently lost their jobs because of the pandemic, causing problems with their earnings and stability. They are all seeking a job that will provide them with high earnings and a sense of fulfillment.

What industry would be best for them? The solution is career counselling. This industry provides every aspect that a person would expect from his or her profession. If you want to work in this industry, you should know that career counselling provides numerous earning opportunities for career coaches. As a career counsellor, you can work for any organization or school, work part-time or full-time, and even start your own career counselling business.

As you are aware, the current economy necessitates a job that allows you to work from home. One of the professions that address this need is career counselling. You can consult students from the comfort of your own home, whether you are a professional, a housewife, or anyone else.

15. Sporting Goods For Sale

A dumble shown in image

If you possess a line of sports merchandise or equipment that you want to advertise and sell to sportsmen and fans alike, you should consider starting an e-commerce business.

Because of lower overheads, it's much more affordable to begin than opening a store, and it's easier to manage thanks to software automation. Furthermore, because of the Internet's national and global reach, making money from home may be as profitable as or more profitable than running a small store.

Profits will be high because you have few or no employees, low overheads, and can automate many processes. People will desire to buy products they can wear or hold because you are a sports store.

You can tailor your products to meet these requirements. If you are a sports enthusiast who wants to sell sports equipment or gear, an eCommerce platform is a better option than a small store.

16. Theme Café

many people sit on a cafe

Every café has a different theme. A personality or menu type. Theme cafes simply take it a step further by attempting to make it unique. In other words, exceptional. Or strange. Or fun. So, if you have the means, why not start your own?

Simple cafes are no longer appealing to today's youth. They are always looking for new ways to have fun wherever they go. That is something your theme cafe can do. Choose a theme that isn't trendy but has the potential to be timeless. If you want your customers to return again and again, focus on evergreen themes and design your cafe accordingly.

Choose a menu that complements your theme and name the dishes accordingly so that the excitement continues even after they enter the cafe. Try serving food on a plate with a theme as well.

17. Reselling business

A reselling market shown in picture

To sell things online, you don't need a groundbreaking new product idea. To begin your own ecommerce business, you don't even need to design and produce your own products. There are numerous business models you can use that put product design, manufacturing, and even fulfillment in the hands of others—and profits in your pocket.

One such model is reselling. Becoming a reseller is a great way to get started selling online without having to start from scratch. A reseller is someone who buys products from manufacturers, brokers, or other retailers and resells them to their own consumers.

You can also collaborate with well-known dropshipping companies such as Worldwide Brands, SaleHoo, Doba, and AliExpress. Look through their websites to see what products are available for resale. So, become a reseller and begin earning good money.

18. Dropshipping Business

fully loaded ship shown in image

A dropshipping business is among the simplest and least risky ways to operate an online business. You have a broad range of goods to sell with this business model, and you don't have to worry about inventory or shipments, etc.

Because you are not willing to take responsibility for shipping or manufacturing, dropshipping can be a profitable business strategy for merchants. It's a low-risk business strategy that doesn't suffer huge costs as a wholesaler would, and with the right suppliers, you can earn a good profit margin.

Dropshipping, when done correctly, can completely make you wealthy and turn you into a millionaire. Some drop-shippers make over a million dollars in a few months, while others struggle for years to make seven figures. The key is to be enthusiastic and dedicated.

19. Stylist

A man stylish making hair of girl

Do you have a fashion design diploma or a great sense of fashion? Then you can open your own boutique. Learn how to be a fashion stylist. A fashion stylist is an expert who defines all aspects of a person's visual aesthetic in order for them to appear fashionable and appealing.

Fashion stylists can work in a variety of industries and with clients who are popular or who merely want to look their finest. Some stylists are celebrities in their very own right. Celebrity stylists frequently work with celebrities, musicians, and other high-profile clients.

You only need to pay attention to a few details.

  • Improve your networking abilities.
  • Build strong interpersonal and professional connections.
  • Don't be embarrassed.
  • A diploma is less important than experience.
  • Keep up to date

Start your own boutique with a good investment, reach out to clients, and begin marketing on social media, and you will do well in the future.

20. Game Parlor

3 man playing with a ball

This is one of India's most profitable small business ideas. We can say that a gaming parlor is a good way to make money. Nowadays, children's birthday parties and get-togethers are held in game parlours. They can have fun with their friends there.

After reviewing all the notes, we have concluded that a game parlor can be a profitable business if done correctly with good marketing strategies and connecting schemes.

Once you finalized the location of the store, visit your nearest police station to inquire about the decision. A technical team may come to your location to oversee fire safety and other safety audits.

You'll need the most up-to-date hardware machinery and related equipment, such as lighting, low-cost LEDs, individual controllers, padded headphones, computers, consoles, CCTV cameras, and staff, as well as licensing.

Never allow anyone to play on credit, even if it means giving up a lead. So, if you have enough money, that's great; otherwise, find an investor or take out a loan to start your game parlor, and you'll be making money in no time.

21. Ice-Cream Parlor

Ice cream shown in image

Nobody wants to miss out on eating ice-cream at random events, gatherings, or even festivities, whether it's winter, summer, or monsoon. Ice cream is a popular consumer product that is in high demand throughout the year, particularly during the summer.

Because of the various types of ice creams and brands that are being introduced on a daily basis, the trend and demand for ice cream are increasing on a daily basis, thereby boosting the growth and revenue growth rate of the ice cream industry.

The capital costs for the Ice Cream Making company are not large; the majority of the funds would be required for the equipment, which includes various machinery, a freezer or a refrigerator, and marketing.

The remaining factors would just not consume a large portion of the funds. However, to summarize the required investment in small and large-scale Ice Cream Creating businesses.

The profit margin in the ice cream making business varies because each business has various costs of production, but on average, the profit margin ranges from 15% to 35%.

22. Business Consultants In Bidhannagar

Do you have a lot of different ideas about various businesses? Do you have a master's degree in finance, marketing, administration, or economics? A Business Consultant is an expert in their field who gives professional advice to both individuals and companies.

A business consultant assists a company's revenue growth by providing insights and assistance to its clientele through ideas and innovations or solutions to their problems. As Bidhannagar is an IT and business hub this is a great place to start.

A consultant earns a good living. Although salary ranges vary depending on the industry, top professionals can receive up to 32 lakhs per year. Find your calling, Select the best college for you.

Get certified in the field in which you want to work as a consultant, and then hone your professional network. Meet new people and discuss how you can assist them with their issues.

23. Electronics and electric appliances

A man ironing clothes

With the rapid advancement of technology, new business possibilities and innovations emerge on a regular basis. Similarly, India's electronics industry has seen a significant increase in recent years. as a result of which you can start your own electronics and electrical appliance business.

Many of us have aspired to start our own businesses. Furthermore, with the right information from experts on how to start an electronics business, all of this becomes simple.

After obtaining all the necessary licenses, you are ready to launch your business into the market. So, plan a Launch Party and promote your business through your network of friends, relatives, neighbours, family, and business associates.

Above all, distribute your grand opening pamphlets through the local newspaper. You can also encourage individuals to purchase on the first day by placing some tempting deals.

Also, be patient because no company makes money right away. However, due to the rapid advancement of technology, you can restore your investment in an electronic business within two months.

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24. Pottery

A lady making pot

Do you enjoy making crafts?  If you recognize yourself as an artist and enjoy creating anything. Also, if pottery is your leisure activity, and you are reasonably skilled at it.  Also, do you intend to profit from their sale? If so, you should learn how to start a pottery business, but first, you should master a skill and become a perfectionist.

Then you should seriously contemplate starting your own pottery business and selling your creations. The pottery industry is frequently referred to as the "from mud to money" industry/sector. As a result, it can be a good source of income because the initial costs are very low, and you can begin from scratch with very few tools and materials. 

Many rural/small-scale households rely heavily on the pottery industry for income. The Indian handicraft sector exports a significant amount of handicrafts and other art-related products to global markets. 

25. Juice center

A glass of juice shown in image

People today are more concerned about their health than ever before. Increased health problems and a hectic and unhealthy lifestyle may be major contributors. So, most wellness-related businesses make a lot of money, and opening a juice bar falls into the same category.

Starting a juice bar does not require a large investment. The profit margin is high, and you can make a profit of 70-80% on your original investment. Consider a great outdoor juice bar design, menus, a few high-quality juicers, and fruits for juice preparation!

Several factors must be considered when starting a juice bar business. Just make sure your plan is flawless, and never give up on dedication and creativity. In such small businesses, business management and transaction estimations are critical. However, this is the most profitable small business in Bidhannagar.

26. Babysitting

A lady babysitting on 2 kids

If you're bored at home and lonely because no one is home for the entire day. You can also start a daycare business if you enjoy working with children. Many parents nowadays rely on daycare centers to care for their children while they work.

While some parents believe that a professional daycare center is the safest option for babysitting, others believe that a homely environment for their children is the best. So, if you enjoy working with children and don't mind spending a few hours each day caring for them, you can open a Day Care Service center.

If you do not want to invest money, you can begin caring for children at home. As it grows, you can open a daycare center. Bidhannagar is a Kolkata IT hub. Many families come here to work, and they will undoubtedly require someone to care for their children while they are at work. The best option is to start a daycare business in Bidhannagar.

27. DJ Services

A dj player shown in image

We all know Bengalis are talented artists, so starting your own DJ business simply because you enjoy both classical and western music is a great idea. It is the most popular business idea.

DJs are always a priority at any event, party, or wedding. The pubs rely entirely on the DJs to attract customers. To get the crowd moving, one must have a diverse set of skills and experience.

You can maximize your profits from the business if you have the necessary knowledge and skills. To begin as a full-time career, you need a clear vision, talent, exceptional skills, clear goals, and proper planning.

The DJ for 4 hours at a wedding ceremony or party will cost between INR 50,000 and INR 1 lakh. Most businesses and individuals charge between INR 15,000 and 20,000 per hour. Rates are also affected by popularity. If you have a large following and are well-known, you can charge higher prices than others.


In Bidhannagar, there are numerous business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. We strongly advise you to take a close look at your expert knowledge, knowledge, and interest in order to zero in on business opportunities.

You'd need a proper business plan that details what you're offering at a specific price point, who you're targeting as a consumer, opportunities, and threats in your business, your assets and weaknesses, and key business targets.

There will always be an element of risk in business, and you should keep that in mind as you enter the world of entrepreneurship to capitalize on the business ideas in Bidhannagar.

These are some of the available business opportunities in Bidhannagar. You can take full advantage of these by aligning them with your expertise and interests and begin your entrepreneurial journey right away. Try the Fynd Platform to learn more about other business opportunities.


Why should you start a business in Bidhannagar?

Bidhannagar is one of West Bengal's smart cities. It is also known as Kolkata's IT hub. So starting a business in Bidhannagar is a great idea because you will make a lot of money.

Which business in Bidhannagar is the most profitable?

All of the business ideas mentioned in the article are profitable; conduct a thorough search and begin with what best suits you. To know more you can go on Fynd Platform.

What is a Fynd Platform?

arrow down

Fynd Platform is the largest interactive e-commerce platform in India, with cutting-edge technology and a cloud platform. It has true omnichannel potential and can work in unison with other multichannel platforms.

Which business can be started with the lowest capital investment?

As you can see in the article, businesses like…

  • Juice center
  • Ice-cream parlor
  • Babysitting
  • Nail salon
  • Property for rent
  • Dance class etc…

Are good low-capital investments.

What are the advantages of establishing a business in Bidhannagar?

Setting up your own company has several financial advantages over working for someone else. For starters, you're establishing a business with the potential for expansion, and your wallet will expand in parallel with your business. Second, your company is a valuable asset in and of itself. Your company's value increases as it grows.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a site in Bidhannagar?

  • The environment required for your business
  • Access to raw materials
  • Labor availability 
  • Adequate infrastructure 
  • Transportation accessibility

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